Do you need sink next to W/D?

momomomoJune 1, 2009

How often do you use a sink in the laudry room?

Better have a sink close to W/D?

Plumbing job will start soon, then plumber asked me if I need a sink for W/D.

Please let me share your thoughts!

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I like the sink to drain the washer. Especially after having the floor drain plug up a bit the water from the washer was held in the sink then drained slowly. Had it gone into the drain and it became plugged, it would back up all over the floor. If you do a regular drain cleanout, it wouldn't be an issue, but I don't know anyone who does. I also use the sink for washing hands, washing large items and things so I'd definitely want one for they way I use it. A lot depends on your needs though.

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If you have room, it might be nice to have a sink for dirty jobs, soaking laundry etc.

I wouldn't drain my washer into the sink, my washer hose goes into a wall drain pipe. Haven't seen a washer drain into a sink since the 70's when I was a kid! My Mom used to drain the water into the laundry tub and then suck it back into the washer and reuse it. Sortof gross if you think about it. Especially if she didn't reuse the water right away and it got cold and murky!! Sorry I digressed there - went down memory lane. In fact, washers don't even have that feature anymore to reuse the water.

Anyhoo, I think it's nice to have if you have plenty of room, but if you don't you might find a cabinet or broom closet is a better use of the space.

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I've not had one for 20 years, but am sure looking forward to the one I'll have in my new house. Once in a while I have something wet and drippy and it would be nice to have the sink right by the washer. I think you should definitely go with it.

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My laundry room is on the main floor and I use the sink multiple times a day. The sink is large enough to wash a small dog.

When it's raining I wash the dog's feet in the sink. Also, because of the pull out faucet I can also wash the dog. So no grooming fees.

Other uses include:
>Filling buckets of warm/hot water >Soaking items in cleaning solutions >Washing hands >Washing gear associated with kids sports >Cleaning paint brushes >Spraying clothes pretreater (That way the excess is in the sink, not down the side of the washer or cabinet.)

The list could go on and on. Just get a sink that's big. And get a pull out faucet. I also have a soap dispenser in one of the holes of the sink.

I just overhauled my laundry room last fall. Redid the front of the cabinet doors, then painted the cabinets and replaced the sink. Actually put in more of a kitchen sink opposed to the old laundry tub type. Because it's slick (or finished?) it is much easier to clean. I was seriously considering putting in stainless steel.

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Even if you decide not to go with the sink right now, get the plumber to set everything up in case you change your mind. Much easier to do before the room is finished. I was without a sink for about seven years. We have a drain box for the washer and never really considered the reasons for a sink. I finally had one put in when I got sick and tired of dumping dirty buckets of water into, and rinsing my mop out in, the kitchen sink. Talk about gross! Personally, I would just go ahead and put it in now. If you don't have room for a large one put whatever fits. Any sink is better than nothing!

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ebear, thanks for mentioning that. Of course that is the number one reason why everyone should have one IMO.

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Since my laundry room is right when you come in from the garage, our sink in there gets used alot. I am currently re-doing my laundry room and have the cabinets/sink torn out and boy do I miss that sink! for washing paint brushes etc, dogs feet (as already mentioned) and just dirty hands. I hate to have DH or the boys come in to the kitchen to wash filthy hands. and they better not do it in the powder room LOL! One the best uses for my sink it to soak the grids from the BBQ grill. Where else are you going to clean those things? they won't fit down in a bucket. so in my opinion, a laundry room sink is a must.

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"One the best uses for my sink it to soak the grids from the BBQ grill. Where else are you going to clean those things? they won't fit down in a bucket."

Do you have a self-cleaning oven? will they fit in there?

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weedmeister - never even thought of that! but that's probably because I don't use the self-cleaning option that often. I use a disposable pan on the bottom of the oven that I trash ever so often, the sides don't get that dirty. But that's a great idea!

sorry for hijacking the thead!

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What is the average size of a sink in the laundry room?
Do they sell 22 inch slop sinks?
I am going to have a counter over top of our front loaders would it be better to put a regular sink in?

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I'd say to keep the sink or at least the plumbing for it.
The laundry sink works well for mop water, painting brushes, and anything involving pets.

Cats especially since they need their little boxes cleaned every week or two and there's no way I'd want to be cleaning that out in my kitchen sink or bathtub.

Even if you aren't using the sink now, its better to have it and not use it much than to wish you would have put it in.

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I must chime in and scream! It's a must if you do not have a sink for dumping mop bucket water or things you wish not to do in your kitchen. My house did not come with a slop sink and I had one installed in my garage with my top loader washer and gas dryer. It's the best move that I've made but I will have do something about heating the area to keep pipes from freezing during the extra cold days during the winter.

If you choose to get a plastic sink with the plastic legs attatched, make sure you drill two small holes and set with tap screws to keep the legs on permanent

Here is a link that might be useful: Secure the legs or you'll drop your draws! LOL

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I'd go for a laundry sink in a heartbeat. Without one, when I want to soak a stain for hours or overnight I need to take a bucket to the bathtub and then back to the laundry. My new LG top loading HE washer won't allow me to soak more than 30 minutes in the machine. Wish I'd have known that before I bought it last month! Just out of curiosity, are there machines on the market today that allow the user to soak for an unlimited time? Just so I can have a pang of buyer's remorse. (Otherwise I love the machine.)

And about using the laundry sink to drain the washer... my Mom's washer drained into a deep laundry sink. I cam remember multiple times when a rag or other item fell into the sink causing it to overflow when the washer's outflow overfilled it, ultimately ruining her floor. The other thing that resulted in a ruined floor was the leaking gasket on her front loading machine. For this and the smell issues repeatedly mentioned on this forum, I'll never buy FL.

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It isn't necessary, but it's a really terrific amenity. I use mine for the really messy jobs.

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I always had one, then we bought a house without one. I missed it terribly during the year and a half that we lived there. When it was time to move again, I refused to go somewhere without one! I used it mostly for soaking nasty baby clothes, but now that we're finally beyond that stage (AMEN!), I use it all the time while cleaning.

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