P & G changed and ruined GAIN Sweet Sizzle scent

larsi_gwJune 24, 2013

I am so FURIOUS!! I have been so mad at P & G for ruining Downy April Fresh Fabric Softener, but have been adding GAIN Sweet Sizzle in wash booster pellets to my wash for a long time now. Once laundry is dry, the scent is almost, if not identical to the old and original April Fresh Downy. Now....P&G has made the GAIN Sweet Sizzle the same gross, sweet tart, overly candy like and horrible fragrance as the new April Fresh Downy.

I remember years ago, reading in Allure magazine that April Fresh Downy scent was created by a French perfume house, and Allure magazine rated it as one of the most iconic and loved scents of the 20th Century. Does anyone know if maybe P&G lost the rights to use the scent?? There are 1000's and 1000's of complaints about Downy April Fresh being changed and ruined, yet P&G does not change it back or address why it was changed. I am so mad and sad!!!!

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larsi - we love you but I am beginning to think you need a laundry intervention. I am very envious that you have the time to worry about the scents in the current versions of fabric softener. I barely have time to do the laundry at all. Don't even ask about the vacuuming.

Please take a deep, Gain-scented breath and relax. Everything will be OK. Perhaps you should start a Facebook page dedicated to this topic. That can be a great way to get the attention of these large companies.

Best of luck to you.

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I wrote to P&G about the Downy Fragrance to inquire if they ever considered bringing the original April Fresh scent back.
The reply I received was a firm "No!". They explained that there are many other fragrances available they suggested I choose one. They did send me a coupon in the mail good for 1 free bottle of Downy. That was nice of them.

I also heard that there may have been some hazardous chemical in the original Downy and that's why it hasn't been recreated. But I can't confirm this, someone else may be able to.

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Larsi, I have half a bottle of the Sweet Sizzle pellets that I am not going to use - happy to send them to you ;-)

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@ Thanks izeve!! :) Honestly, P & G must have lost the rights to the original April Fresh Scent. Since it was and is so beloved, it makes no sense for them to change it.

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More than likely, the cost of using the old scent went up, and that was cutting into the profit margin.

Most laundry scent,,, well, most scents in general, are cheap and smell cheap. It's all about the profit margin when it comes to big corporations and their stockholders.

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Yeah know, I think you're right again.
I just bought the updated looking bottle of Gain Sweet Sizzle and it doesn't smell the same as the old.

I compared them snif to snif with an older bottle I'm finishing up. They definitely are different.

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Well, rats! I only have 1-1/2 bottles of the original 'Sweet Sizzle,' and wish I had gotten more (I never would have tried this product, were it not for your waxing poetic about it). It must be a company ploy, to get us frantically trying different products yet again....

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Yeah....really bummed. A very SAD day in my laundry world. The "new" GAIN Sweet Sizzle smells 100% identical to the "new" current Downy April Fresh Softener... Too sweet, too candy like, and too synthetic. I think P & G have now officially killed anything resembling the classic and loved April Fresh scent. Gone is that soft, powdery April Fresh that I have enjoyed for almost 3 decades! I curse you P & G!!!!!

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