Need a third floor stackable washer/dryer - suggestions?

dreamojeanJune 14, 2013

Any suggestions based on recent experience, for a top floor stackable washer/dryer? I've read a lot of posts/reviews but a lot were from years ago. This washer/dryer will be next to our bedrooms and on a HARDWOOD floor in an old house, so I'm concerned about vibration and noise.

The guy at our local well-regarded appliance store in NYC said only Electrolux is guaranteed not to vibrate on higher floors. So I looked at that model and - no way. I instantly HATED the push doors without handles. It felt like a bad joke - I had to practically bang on the doors to open them and it made me want to not do laundry if that were my machine (and I love doing laundry). It was a visceral reaction. Anyone else initially feel that way and go ahead with an Electrolux and get used to it?

The machines I really liked at a local store were the LG (awesome look and feel) and Samsung (almost as nice). But the guy at the local store suggested we not get those because customer service isn't good with LG or Samsung. Hmm. A friend has the Samsung VRT and loves it, but her stackable units are in the basement, so I'm concerned that perhaps we won't be as happy.

I also like the look of the Whirlpool Duet but based on a quick overview of reviews, they aren't quiet and aren't that great, so I will probably write those off.

I really love our current washer/dryer which can be noisy but are industrial and get the job done, but we're moving things around in a multi-family house and the laundry will now be in a room a floor above that's smaller, so we need the space a stackable allows for.

Thanks for any feedback!

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Hi, I can't suggest the best unit for you, but even on a first floor laundry you have to think through vibration issues. I'm betting there are no shortage of people who can help you with a recommendation. Once you get your machines, you have to be really careful in leveling them. Not just a bubble level on the top, but by running the machine and feeling each foot for subtle vibrations and adjusting as needed. Many times a little tweak can make a big difference. There are anti vibration pads and the best do work well, but no system can fix an out of level machine. Finally (though this should be first) what are your floors like up there. Are they level? When you jump and down does the floor bounce, things on the wall or shelves rattle...? FYI, I have a Miele smaller unit and I would NOT recommend them for a shaky upper floor install. One last thing (I'm sorry for being so preachy), but you have to be serious about leak prevention, detection and shut off. Unless you want to come home to a water fall on your stair way some day! :-) I use FloodChek hoses and they are indestructible. I wouldn't use anything else. I also have a Burst Buster (auto shut off/leak detector). If a salesman or plumber blows you off on concerns about leaking or tells you the hoses they come with are fine, they are ignorant. They are low information washing machine people making stuff up. After fridge ice maker water lines, washing machine hose leaks are the leading cause for home owners claims. Ignore leak protection at your own risk.

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Well, based on reviews of the Samsung customer service (validated by someone at a very reputable dealer near me), I'm not going with Samsung.

The dealer said that LG is similar in terms of customer service, but i'm not sure whether to write them off as I'm running out of options and LG's my favorite based on in-store viewings.

What else do I have - Electrolux is silly (no door handles, c'mon), Whirlpool Duet apparently is not the thing for an upper floor (noisy, and perhaps not that good), leaving me with LG. Whirlpool? Who knows.

Miele - in theory ok but I didn't see stackable units for them.

Deke, thanks so much for the tips! I'm working with a general contractor for installation as part of a bigger renovation, so that should help. My priority is to get a set of units that have a decent reputation, sooner than later, ask him to install them and have time when he's still doing other work in case we need help with balancing.

And we do plan to get a fridge with an ice maker water line and yes I'm concerned about leaks. This is an old house, attached on both sides - cleaning up leak issues would not be fun. As it is, it's been raining in the middle of our house as they are taking out an old air shaft and putting in duct work out the roof (brownstone, flat roof) so it rained into the ducts this week. So there's cleanup already to be done.

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Hello dreamojean, We own a two family that we are in the process of remodeling. My family and I will live on the second and third floor and rent out the first. We purchased the Samsung washer and dryer and installed them stacked on our third floor. Finally, yesterday, I was able to use them for the first time and I love them! The washer definitely has some vibration to it during the spin cycle, but it is not terrible. I think I will take some of Deke's suggestions to see if that helps.
As far as the performance and usability so far it is amazing!
As far as leakage, our plumber had some sort of metal pan made to go under the washer. He then put in an overflow line in case it ever leaks. I am certain your contractor will put something in place.
Good luck with your renovations!

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My experience with Samsung customer service has been great. Our washer is on a wood floor over a crawlspace and I hardly ever hear it or realize it's spinning.

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Constantremodel, I got your response a day after my maytag stackable was delivered but wow our living situations sound similar! our contractor put in a floor drain, plans to build up the floor using cement (not sure I like that but he isn't giving me a choice) so there's a platform with a drain, then a metal pan for under the washer, like you mentioned. Once he's done with this, he'll install our washer/dryer and hopefully level it nicely.

Friends have a Samsung in their basement and love it, I got scared off by some appliance stores and otherwise telling me Samsung customer service isn't so great. But I think Consumer reports also likes some of the Samsung products/machines.

I do hope the Maytag machines work out. I'm a little nervous about the front loader washer leaking / flooding but I guess that's what the pan and drain are for.

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