LG Washer Code 'LE'

teddupuisJune 24, 2007

I purchased my LG washing machine, model WM2032HW, back in October. I got an amazing deal on it and the dryer combo, as they were refurbished units. Supposedly factory refurbished, but one can never know with such things. I have always had good luck with refurbished units in the past, and so far these machines have been excellent. The washer gets stains out that have been in there for years and that other machines couldn't get. I normally do several loads back to back.

On Thursday, I had one of these situations. I had just finished one load of whites that I'd put in the dryer, and was washing some pants. The machine put water in as usual at the beginning of the cycle, but the motor didn't come on. After about a minute or two it beeped very quickly and repeatedly and the error code "LE" came on the display. I tried restarting the cycle several times to no avail. Looking up in the owner's manual, that code means "Overload in motor" and the suggestion is to call a service department. I didn't hear the motor even trying to work, which seemed odd to me. My general thought was "I don't have time for this," so I vowed to ignore it and pay attention again when I returned from my weekend trip.

Well, now I've returned from my weekend trip. I figured I'd look into it a little more. First step: try again to make sure it doesn't work. It appears to be working just fine now, washing that same pair of pants, and is currently in the middle of the cycle.

The problem appears to have cured itself, but my concern is is this just a fluke of some sort that I can now ignore, or should I actually be concerned here? I've read varying reviews on the LG Washer/Dryer combos, mostly bad, but to be honest up until now these have been the best washing machine and dryer I've ever owned.



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I have the same model as yours, which I purchased in May 2003. It ran perfectly until July 2007, when I got my first LE error code. Since I had downloaded the tech manual I was able to run the test codes, after checking plugs, circuit breaker, etc. After running all the tests, which came out OK, I was able to run the machine again. It originally would not tumble the clothes. I did 3 loads of clothes, and thinking that it was the end of the problem, I didn't call for service. The next week I got the dreaded "LE" again, but nothing I did would make it work again. It took a few days for a service person to come and tell me that a part needed to be replaced. It took 15 days for it to come in and be installed. It was a defective Hall Sensor (not ball sensor). The part cost $15.00. I had an extended warranty on the machine, so all was covered. It is up and running again. I still think it is a great washer.

I hope yours lasts a good long time.

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I've been getting LE and PE error codes for a couple months. My extended warranty is just about up and I'm wondering if it's the warning sign that the washer is about to go.

I called for service twice and had both sensors replaced and still get the LE error code about once per week. I can unplug it and restart the washer and that will usually work.

I'm concerned that it's just a matter of time.

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same model number ?

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I have model WM0532HW.

I've had them 5 years and they've been great apart from this and I do tons of laundry.

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Hi Ted, I also had an LG 2032 with the dreaded LE Code. I had the motor and the circuit board (twice) replaced under warranty. Still, the LE code would come on at random. Never did have the Hall sensor replaced and that may have been the problem had I persisted with the frustration a little longer. At the end of the day, Sears bought back the machine and I went south the the US of A and brought back an old fashion Speed Queen TL. As much as the LG was good to me before the LE Code appeared every week or so (I had the power panel breaker labelled "LG") I did a 180 and got the most simple and rugged TL I could find and I have no regret. The SQ TL washes well, never gets unbalanced and will hopefully not give me headaches for a while. I hope, for LG's sake, they can put the LE issue to rest as they are otherwise very fine machines.

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