Need Help Choosing Washer-Dryer

rjremodelJune 15, 2013

We are rebuilding our house and I'm being asked to make a decision about appliances soon. This will be my first new washer and dryer in about 30 years.

Have read so many problems (odors, noise, wrecking clothes) with even the popular American brands like Whirlpool and Electrolux that I'm considering Miele Washer & Dryer even though they are much smaller

We do about 7 loads per week. Two are big loads (the sheets and duvet cover from a king-sized bed and the other is two sets of towels). Has anyone fit those size loads into the European sized Miele?

Mainly we wash smaller very separated loads (one light and one dark load of his very, very grubby work clothes, dark delicates, dark cottons, white/light delicates, white/light cottons).

Would love to have a handwash cycle for sweaters, silks, lingerie and athletic wear that currently have to wash in the sink). Is Miele (or any other brand) really kind to hand wash? Realize if I get a smaller unit I'll have to take comforter, blankets, pillows to laundromat, but that's only once or twice a year.

Seems like Miele is only brand that doesn't have complaints (DH cynically says that's because they're so expensive few have bought them or those who have bought don't do their own laundry!) Are there alternatives you can suggest? Are there American-brands or American sized brands that I should consider?

Thanks! Looking forward to your help.

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I have the Speed Queen top load washer and dryer. I have been extremely pleased with them and have no intentions of ever going back to a front load washing machine for my main laundry.

My Speed Queen gets my clothes way cleaner than my previous front loaders, actually rinses the detergent out, has not ruined any of our clothes, the clothes always smell fresh, and the washer never stinks.

A lot of people think their froint loaders rinse well....put them in a top load washing machine that actually gets water in it and you will see soap come out you never thought was on your laundry.

The reason we picked the Speed Queen was because there are no computer boards, and I can select my own wash load size and water temperatures. I don't want some computer board making that decision for me, and when I select hot, I get truly hot....straight from our hot water tank.

We did rebuild my Whirlpool Duet front load washer (an older Geman made model) for the sole purpose of washing quilts and large throw rugs. Hate laundromats. We have pets so I wash those items frequently.

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"Miele is only brand that doesn't have complaints"? Just check this form you could find plenty of complaints. You may want to read through these complaints.

Actually Speed Queen is the brand with many happy owners on this forum.

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