Rinse water using new Tide he with Bleach Powder

larsi_gwJune 10, 2011

I normally do not use Tide he powder detergent, because it always leaves the stainless steel wash drum in my Miele dull, murky and coated. Being the laundry junkie I am, I was at Target this morning, and saw a big display of this on sale. Of course, I could not resist... New Tide with Bleach he Powder.

It smells SO clean, fresh and old fashioned. Nothing fruity or sweet. So refreshing to actually have laundry detergent smell like laundry detrgent, opposed to some tropical drink or sunscreen!!!

This is a smallish-medium load of coloured cotton t-shirts and kids clothes. I filled the provided scoop to Line 2, Medium Loads.

I used the Normal Program, Very Warm, Max Spin and Sensitive (3rd Rinse).

Here is the rinse level during the 2nd rinse, before Fabric Softener is dispensed.

So it seems like almost any soap in my Miele, will suds less than my formerly beloved Clorox Green Works!!

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Don't despair, Larsi. Put away your Green Works for a month or two and then try it again. Everyone needs a break from time to time, even in the best of relationships ;-)

BTW, I just bought some Method detergent and will give it a try tomorrow - I've never used it before.

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Thanks izeve!

Method makes some great products, although I find their fabric softener dreadful! Their Peony and Fresh Air Detergents work and smell very good!!

I gave my big bottle of Green Works to a friend, who has a top loader. I've noticed that Green Works always sudsed up more than other "he" detergents, but now when I compare it to Persil, Tide he, Gain he and Tide he Powder....they rinse much cleaner and easier.

Hope you enjoy your new Method!!


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It made a black t shirt fade in a spot on the back as though it bleached it. I will only use this for white clothing now, and it does smell clean and soapy!!

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Ive used Tide with bleach on all my clothes, love the smell, cleaning, and it hasnt bleached a thing yet. Im not replacing it, love it too much

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I absolutely love the new Tide HE with Bleach Powder. I've never used any detergent w/bleach on dark clothes, only whites or light-colored laundry.

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Add me to the list of people who like this detergent. I've been using it for about a week and find it to be almost as good as Persil. The only area where it doesn't perform as well is in the whitening department, but that may be a good thing in terms of being able to use this on mixed colors as well. The addition of some sodium percarbonate should allow it to whiten as well as Persil.

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