Whole house dehumidifier

cruzmislOctober 19, 2011

Hi All,

Winter is coming and to try and keep the humidity down in my house I was considering installing a whole house dehumidifier. Right now humidity is at 55% or so but during the winters I get a lot of condensation on my windows so I'm hoping that will help. Any ideas or thoughts?



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I am curious as to why you have high humidity in the winter. Do you have a steam heating system?

A whole house dehumidifier will help. How large is your house?

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I would suggest getting an instrument to check your indoor humidity. Condensation on the windows sounds more like uninsulated windows or windows where a thermal seal has broken and the warm indoor air condenses when it meets the cool outside air. Generally, you try adding humidity to the house in the winter as the furnace dries out your air when it heats it. A little more information might help us better understand what is causing the issue.

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what type of windows?

more info please.

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