Need your opinon on replacing broken dryer

anna13June 22, 2010

I took delivery of a Kenmore dryer Model #69722 on June 10th which had nothing but good reviews. Used it for the first time and heard a continuous thumping sound so made a service call. On June 16th the tech told me that the problem was the seam on the drum and that he would order a new drum and replace it on June 22nd.

I did a load last night and 10 minutes into the dry cycle the machine stopped working and I smelt something like rubber burning. I tried to re-start the machine but it would not start at all, so at 10:00 pm last night I was hanging out the clothes on my outdoor clothes line, I was not a very happy camper LOL.

This morning I received a call from another tech advising that he was on his way and I told him about the new problem. When he took the machine apart I was told that the problem was not the drum but the motor which fell apart. Then he proceeded to take out the belt which was completely frayed which explained the burning smell.

The technician told me that he would do up his report and they would replace the motor and belt. I am not very happy that a brand new machine which is not even 2 weeks old has to have all this work done to it. What do you think my chances are for requesting that they replace this lemon with a brand new machine?

I honestly believe that the first tech did not know what he was doing and might have been responsible for the damage. When he took out the drum he was filing away at the seam, who knows he might have removed some of the coating from the drum which might cause rust down the line.

So, shall I fight tooth and nail for a new machine?

Thank you kindly for your time and responses.

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I would fight for a new machine, if you've had this much trouble with a new machine it will be nothing but trouble and more trouble. Sears is not a good place to deal with these days, but nothing ventured nothing gained.

Make sure you are complaining to the top honcho or you are wasting your breath. If you bought it in the store demand to talk to the store manager. Make a lot of noise in front of customers if you have to.

I bought a computer from Staples--big mistake. I had nothing with trouble with it from the time I brought it home. I took it back and this was wrong or that was wrong and each time they kept it for a week. On the third time back I demanded a new computer and from a different company. I asked to talk to the manager and I requested he come to me on the floor. After much haggling and me talking at the top of my voice he came. Then I hit him with the new computer bit. He tried to shuffle me off so his customers wouldn't hear me but I was having none of it. He gave me a new computer and $80 dollars.

I read an article on how to complain and I followed it's advice. If you have to, talk so that the customers can hear and talk to someone who has the authority to do something about it. Don't think you are making a spectacle of yourself--think I am fighting for my rights and I will be heard

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Thank you so much for your words or wisdom, appreciate it. Just an update, I called Sears and asked for the store manager and they put me through to the supervisor. I explained the problem to her and she was wonderful to deal with. Told me that they would replace the dryer, but I might have to wait for a week and I said fine. They get deliveries to the store only on Wednesdays and Saturdays so they would pick up the broken dryer and deliver the new dryer on the same day.

Thanks again, appreciate your time to answer.

Have a nice day......Anna

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