kingmanJune 13, 2010

This may sound dumb, but its me, I bought a house and it has a dryer hooked to electricity, but when I pulled it away from the wall down at the bottom is a metal hose connecting it. Do I have an electric or a gas dryer???

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All dryers require electricity. Units that use a gas burner for generating heat still need electricity to run the timer/control mechanism and drum/blower motor.

A gas dryer has a standard 110/120 volt power cord along with the gas connection.

An electric dryer has a heavier 220 volt power cord, and of course no gas connection.

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You have a gas dryer.
Look again and you should see the 4" dryer exhaust and a 5/8" flex pipe connected to black pipe to the wall, it's a sure sign being gas or converted to propane if you have a tank outside your residence.

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What size is the metal hose of which you speak? about 4" or so? That's the vent. More the size of a garden hose it's probably a gas line.

And it's pretty easy to tell the difference between a 110v and 220v AC cord.

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