Increased Water Level in W4840

chefwongJune 14, 2013

I've done the setting in the firmware eons ago when this was posted.

Is there any other way to get more water into the Tub - just short of sticking a hose in the *soap* area and filling it myself...

Just now, did a custom cycle, very Hot.
All various Microfiber towels.
The towels soaked up most of the water and it's just swirling in the tub. I WOULD prefer more water in this mix. Towels are caked with car polish and stuff.

Any suggestions..

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I've found the water levels are not adjusted for the custom cycles as they are for the programmed cycles. I too wash my vehicle microfibers in the Miele W4840, and before doing so I soak them in Biz, followed by washing them using Ecover Delicate Wash, in the Sanitize cycle with excellent results.

Because I bucket soak them, and even after wringing them a bit, they still retain water and Biz solution upon tossing them into the washer. There has not been a stain yet that I've not been able to remove. No fabric softener (but I'm sure you know this) and they come out soft; perfect for my next use.

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Yeah. It depends how bad or not the batch is.

I might do a pre-soak with APC or some Citrus based stuff I have. Then it gets a quick drain/rinse in the laundry sink before I put it into the washer.

I do FEEL that MF branded cleaners may have a slight edge over a free-and-clear detergent. Besides, it's easy guesswork. 2 or 4 oz per load and then hand dry.

My issue with programmed cycles is the water heater. I like HOT washes and AFAIK, even with Hot on the programmed cycles, it uses the hot water and No Internal Heater...

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It's somewhere buried here at GardenWeb, but I believe the heater kicks-in on the Hot and Sanitize, no matter what program is run on our model.

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