Bosch geothermal?

mmksOctober 8, 2012

We are rebuilding after a fire, and we just go our bids back and they are for a 2 stage Bosch. We have been able to save the foundation, and the vertical wells that we had for the geothermal are ok. I have never heard of Bosch in the geothermal, we are going with a different company to do the work and I just wondered about the opinions here for Bosch Geothermal, I did a search and there wasn't much.

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Bosch bought Florida Heat Pump and rebranded it as Bosch Geothermal et voila!


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Is that a good system? I am just nervous because even though I showed them what was there by pictures and such they seem to be going lower end on much of the stuff in the estimate, and I just wanted to make sure that wasn't the case with the geo system.

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"Is that a good system?"

It's more important how it's installed. You need the details of what was originally installed in the ground and the details of the load characteristics of your new home to determine if additional ground loops need to be added.

What do you mean by, "they seem to be going lower end on much of the stuff in the estimate"?

Seek other estimates. Learn from other contractors; know what goes into a well designed and installed system - do your homework BEFORE you sign!


Here is a link that might be useful: International Ground Source Heat Pump Association

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What Model Bosch is proposed ? They are all perfectly good , but as someone above stated it's only as good as the installer and method of installation .

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