TigerDunes & Weedmeister take a look at this? Manual J

CigarLoverOctober 14, 2011

First off thank you Weedmeister. You have brought up a great point about the desired temperature to be set at 80 instead of the norm of about 68. I'm thinking that changes the Btu calcs substantially? Also thank you & Tiger for clarifying the facts about "Demand Defrost" being built-in to some mfg. HP's. I have made a note about that when shopping for the new HP System. I want to do the Manual J seperate from my Hvac contractor so that I can double check the numbers. I found this web-site that will do it providing I supply them the information from the home. They charge $75.00 & then email you the load calc breakdown. I'm fine with paying that to get a second look. Here's their web-site, tell me what you guys think? Please Google ManualJDoneforyou. Thanks a again for all this help.....

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I was unable to find that Man J site. Perhaps you can provide a URL link.

Here is another Man J residential software that you might consider that I am familiar with.


Here is a link that might be useful: Man J Software

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Since you would need to do measurements, and record other observations, why not save $25 bucks and do it yourself. Follow Tiger's link.

Once the information has been entered, you can do 'what if' scenarios (changing parameters) to see how a proposed system would perform or the effects of upgrading windows/insulation, etc.


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