cheap kenmore dryer takeup 'pulley'

joeplumbJune 24, 2010

Have an old kenmore dryer with broken belt. After removing drum noticed "idler pulley" is not a pulley but tensioner with a 3/4 round surface which apparently replaced the pulley part.

Is this a cheapened manufacturer original part or a cheap aftermarket part?

Anybody out there with a similar observation.

Thanks for responding.

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"Old" is relative. The Rulon®-impregnated skid idler was an experiment started in late 1999 that apparently didn't work out so well. It was phased-out in January 2004. Last I checked, the replacement part is substituted back to a pulley. The skid idler requires a specific belt that has a backing material which picks up Rulon® particles from the skid for lubrication.

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Thanx,for the quick reply. I truly appreciate this. It was driving me crazy.
I can't believe that any design engineer would be that stupid,or listen to his boss to save a few pennies on a friction system destined for failure, especially over time.
Just the kind of "engineering" BP gets.

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