Cherry cabinets and oak hardwood floor too busy?

justjillJanuary 23, 2011

So, I already ordered my cabinets--Medallion Cherry w/Pecan stain. I'm having a really tough time picking out a granite. Orginally I thought I'd go with a safe & kind of neutral granite like Giallo Ornamental. After seeing some FABULOUS granites at the fabricators I'm now leaning towards something with a little more movement, although patterns will still be pretty much "uniform".

A few that DH & I liked were Golden Crystal, Colonial Cream & Typhoon Bordeaux.

Our floors however are a light oak with a few redish planks and I stumbled across a lot of designer blogs that insist Cherry & hardwood floors simply do not go together--it's too busy!

What is your everyone's opinion on this?

Should I stick a "conservative" granite than?

When I look at all the lovely kitchens done on here it appears a lot do have Cherry, with oak floors, as well as the busier granite. Our style is pretty tradtional.

Here are some pics of our cabinet, along with a Gallo granite that we ruled out b/c it had too many "purple" veins running through it that DH didn't like.

Here is a link that might be useful: statement from designer saying cherry & hardwood floor not good combo!

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Fori is not pleased

I think they are good together.

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and here are the pics of my cabinet, along with our floor.

What granite colors would look good ? Suggestions ,please!!!

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Looks fine. We have light cherry cabs with un-stained white oak floors (matched to the existing oak flooring throughout the main areas of our upstairs), and they look good together. Our doors and jambs and railings, are oak, stained Golden Oak, our DR furniture (somewhat viewable from our kitchen) is natural walnut, and all seem to play very nicely together as well.

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Cherry and hardwood floors don't go together??? Wow, glad I didn't hear that before we chose that route (we'd have still done it; it'd just have given me one more thing to worry about). I don't see why not?

We have cherry cabs with a medium toned stain, and the floors are oak stained with 1/2 cherry and 1/2 natural. I think they look great together. I have a "plain" granite: dark peacock.

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I have cherry cabinets with just a hint of stain, slightly darker than natural, with antique white oak floors. I think it looks great, but then I like wood grain. You want to ensure that the tones in your cabinets "go" with the tones in your floor. In my case the colors are fairly close, which some people don't like as much because all that monochromatic wood can give a log cabin feel. If that's a concern, keep them distinctly different shades or colors. My floors have a lot of character and grain, and my cabinets do not. Unfortunately the lighting in this pic isn't the best, too much glare. The island counter top is Uba Tuba.

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Don't forget that your cabinets and flooring have a "pattern" in them that you must pay attention to. I think that the counter is a little orangey for your cabinets although it's fine with your floors BUT the thing that I really find uncomfortable to look at is the pattern between the cabinet and the counter. They seem (in the sample anyway) to be similar in size and movement. I would try for a smaller pattern or a very long pattern.

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I love your choices! They are perfect together. The light
oak stained floors, the warm cherry cabinets and that
rock are dazzling. Okay so DH doesn't like it. We can
find a few ideas. I think the cream or T-bordeaux would
look super too.

Clearly based on all the below images we can safely say
that light oak floors look great with cherry cabinets.

Knights Kitchen Remodeling

Allight Cabinetry

Thick Counter by Christina Gonazales

Typhoon Brodeax granite from Texas Home magazine

Viara Brazil Granite

11 by 14 Kitchen Zierdthorriz

My Home Ideas Blog blue counter

Diversified Wood Designs

Maple wood floor ( I know not a light oak but notice the
colors together)

Dan Roulier Builder

GM Today


Prestige kitchens Boston MA

Sidbury Kitchen Designs

And a few granite ideas....

Jaguar Gold Granite

Golden wave Granite

Colonial Cream

Tropical Sand Granite

Apollo Storm

Golden River Granite

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The floor and cabinets look great. I have a cherry island and oak floor, even though the oak is darker stained than yours, it looks good. Last summer when I was looking at flooring I saw so many kitchens with the oak floor/cherry cabinet combo.

BUT, are you in love with that granite? It is too peachy and does not "pop". I just think you need more of a contrast with a lighter or darker countertop. Good luck.

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I used Namibian Gold granite with my Schuler/Medallion Oyster vintage cabinets and Maple Chestnut stained hutch. It might work well with your pecan stained cabinets.

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We are also having Medallion cherry with pecan stain AND a natural oak floor. So far it looks great, although the floor is laid and the finishing hasn't been done. But I am really pleased so far.

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I have cherry cabinets with oak floors and love it. I also have a very busy granite that has rust, cream, black and grey. They look great together.

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Boxerpup-thank you so much for posting those beautiful pics! I just love the Typhoon Brodeax, which our granite guy here calls "Colonial Cream" and that's the one DH likes.

Berryfarm, no--not loving the granite anymore. At least not with my cabinet. I think we'll pass on that one.

idrive65-LOVE your floor!
trailgirl & chriskakev-curious to know what granite you picked? the rust one sounds wonderful!

Marcy96-Namibian Gold granite is gorgeous! I'm more into the gold granites, DH not so much, so it's been hard to pick one we both like. I can't wait to see your kitchen once it's done!

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We are going with Costa Esmerelda which we fell in love with. We started out thinking we would go with Uba Tuba or something like Verde Peacock, but our large window faces south, and we were getting a pretty strong glare off our samples. We couldn't agree on any of the lighter granites which would also go well, if not better.

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We have cherry cabinets, natural oak floors and typhoon bordeaux. I think it looks great. This is before painting

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I'm glad to see this post because I've been agonizing over our granite selection for weeks. We will have cherry cabinets quite similar to jillsee's and natural red oak flooring. As attested to by all of the sample photos and responses from others who've done that, the combination can work.

We've looked at countless granite slabs at many of the local vendors. Although my original inclination was to go with something like Typhoon Bordeaux or the sample that jillsee posted, I think we've decided that we prefer something that includes more black for contrast. We found some great titanium granite slabs. They are mostly shades of black, white, and gray, but contain speckles/splotches of a rust/chestnut color that match the cabinets. It has a lot of movement, but we really like the pattern of the movement. We're almost ready to make our final decision. We've also seen Magma and Magma Gold, which also have a lot of movement and similar colors, but include more of the rust/chestnut color. Good luck, jillsee. I'm interested to hear what you select.

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Hi, My kitchen has been done for about a year now and I still love our granite. Here's the link for my pictures. I think you will be very pleased with the quality of the Medallion cabinets.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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bostonpam--wow ! your kitchen is stunning! i LOVE your counters, cabinets & esp that beautiful RED stove!

marcy96--i'm in love with your granite! i'm going to hit a few more granite yards tomorrow in the hopes to find something similar.

here are a few pics i took today..what do you guys think?
this is one of my favorites, colonial cream

(sp?) not sure about it

not in our budge, dh doesn't like, it's typhoon bordeaux

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here are a few others

DH LOVES this one, I'm not too crazy about it, although it is growing on me, called Golden Crystal

I discovered this new one today, called Solaris
...too gold though?

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I think the colonial cream is the winner here, since my kitchen is a little on the dark side.

The other one DH likes, Golden Crystal, has quite a bit of black running through it.

What do you guys think?

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I love the colonial cream with your cabinets and floor.

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Thanks blfenton,
That's what I'm thinking too. I like it b/c it's not too busy but has some movement, colors tie into my floors and cabinets and lots of cream which is good for a little contrast. Not to mention, it will make our kitchen a little brighter (it's a tad on the dark side!)

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