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Jrussell4June 11, 2013

Does anyone out there have any comments about these appliances? They just started being manufactured in the US, according to GE's website. Our long nightmare with our FL Kenmore purchased in 2000 is ending - new interior drum in 2006, and now it appears the motor has completely burnt out or the control board is gone. I like the idea of a domestically made machine, but not if repairs will double or triple the price over 10 years.

Thanks for any comments or suggestions. Long time lurker, and so I finally decided to join given the new washing machine crisis.

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Despite GE's claims, tall front-load washers and dryers have been done before, by Amana in the '90s and Westinghouse in the '70s. I don't see any advantage of having the riser built-in as opposed to using a pedestal, which is available for almost every front-load laundry machine.

The large capacity and door openings look good though.

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Thanks lee676. That was my thinking as well. At least with add-on pedestals you get some more storage space. I don't believe that it true with the GE Rightheight.

Our main issue is trying to buy something made in the US. GE says they expanded their Kentucky plant to start building the Rightheights here:

But now here's the situation: I figured out that what the old, infamous Kenmore 417.42042100 needed was a door latch assembly. $75 part, 30 minutes of work. I think we're good for another year with the Fridgemore. So the big question is: if you had to do it all over again this year, would you buy a front loader with computer bells and whistles (like the Rightheight), or go old school with a US-made top loading Speed Queen or Whirlpool with dials only?

I know this has been discussed exhaustively in past posts, but I haven't seen it recently. If anyone is reading this, let the games begin.

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