Ecos Laundry Detergent...I like it!

sandy808June 10, 2010

While visiting our daughter, I tried her Ecos liquid laundry detergent, and was impressed with how clean and soft my laundry came out. (I also wanted to steal her old Maytag top loading washer, but figured she'd notice). I went into Wegmans and bought some to bring home and try in my front loader.

Wow! I really like it. It works great and rinses out well. I usually have some trouble getting things to rinse properly in my Duet, especially towels. The small amount directed on the bottle for He machines got my towels clean and fresh, and rinsed all the way out.

For greasy spots on shirts, I poured some directly on the spot, and it took it out...the first time. I like it much, much, better than Seventh Generation brand now. Seventh Generation sometimes does not rinse well for me.


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I've been using Ecos for years and I really like it too. If you have a Costco membership you can sometimes get it there. I stock up when they have it because the price is so cheap. The same company (Earth Friendly Products) makes a dish soap. I use the grapefruit one and I think it works better than regular commercial brands.

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I'll have to look for the dish soap. I'm still amazed at how well the Ecos rinses out of the laundry. Up until now, I always had soap residue in my towels.


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sandy and ebear, do you still like Ecos? I am interested because it has no OBs, enzymes, frangrances. Since this original post is now 2 years old, I'm really interested in how you feel about it before I buy. Anybody else using it?

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I have not used it but my neighbor used it all the time because she got it at Sam's in the huge bottles. Her husband started having trouble with a rash. They thought it was something he was eating so they did the switch up and around with several things even bath soap. Finally she decided to change to something else--Era in fact and he got ok. They use a Kenmore top loader that uses a tub full of water to rinse if that matters?.

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Yes I still like it. I particularly like the lavender version for my bath towels and clothes. It makes them nice and soft but doesn't leave behind an overpowering scent. I use the unscented on kitchen towels so I don't risk off flavors on rising dough covered with them.

I also like the liquid Seventh Generation Free and Clear, but it doesn't leave my laundry as soft.

I haven't found any detergents to be so great at removing grease from clothing lately, even when using hot water.

I have never had any rash problems with either of these detergents. everyone is different though. I did, however, get horrible skin rashes from Tide. I hate Tide, and I hate the way it smells.

I've tried Tide Free and Clear. Hate that too. It is not free and clear. I can detect a slight Tide scent in it. So could my neighbor. Thinking it a fluke, I bought another one later on. same thing. So they obviously lie when they claim they put no perfume in it. I no longer buy any of that company's products.

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