Discount program's Burnham ES25

knightwriteOctober 18, 2011

The situation: An Energy Star program through our utility company will pay 50% of new-furnace costs, then allow 60-month no-interest payment plan. Boiler selection is mandated: Burnham ES25. The pricing makes me wonder:it'd be $3869 (meaning they first cost it at $7738--then discount 50% from that.) But some price-checking via the Web shows this unit to be from $1895 to $2500. OK, I know there's installation charges, and profit-need markup.

But my questions are: is this markup and costing reasonable? Or are they just playing the game of "Oh, see? You're getting 50% off!" On another, more important tack, is the Burnham ES25 something that's worth getting, and at what price? Or should I be only considering x or y list of makers?

Thanks ahead of time to all advice, suggestions, and insight!

Gratefully, knightwrite

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