Cookware decision for Induction: Gift 1 vs. Gift 2!

strayerdarbJanuary 3, 2014

Hello, I received 2 really nice Christmas gifts of complete sets of cookware. We are about to finish our kitchen and there will be a Bosch induction cooktop. I need to decide which set to keep and which to return. They are:

Scanpan: They are black non-stick with stainless handles and a induction plate on the bottom. These were the display set at the local Sur La Table and my husband got them at almost half price. The person in the store said not to use Pam in them (which I don't use anyway), and not to put on high heat (not sure if that rule applies to induction). I use cast iron if I want to use high heat anyway. Also she said she even puts hers in the oven to braise.

Calphalon Tri Ply Stainless: The whole pan is magnetic rather than having a plate on the bottom. Don't know if that matters. These were regular full price from BB&B but still less than the Scanpan set. I have 2 pieces of this type already and I do like them, but of course they are not non-stick. I have been using a cheap non-stick pan from Target when I want non-stick.

I have all the receipts and can return one of the sets. I suspect Scanpan is the better quality because of the price, but I don't really know.

At either store I know there will be plenty of other things that I can use the return credit for in the very near future since our kitchen is just about to be completed.

Thanks in advance for your opinions!

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Ooooo, no advice but I will be watching this thread as we are getting an induction cooktop in our new kitchen.

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Sounds like the Scanpans are much nicer. I think the investment is worth it and you should keep those.

We recently installed a Bosch induction cooktop and needed new pans so we purchased the Analon Nouvelle Hard-Anodized Copper set from Macy's for a great price this past fall. We have just recently started using the cooktop and pans. They do buzz a bit but once it gets going you don't notice it so much. I know there are threads discussing this somewhere in this forum. Without knowing I wasn't supposed to, I did put one in the dishwasher and it did discolor the outside. I do like the non-stick option but I also have a ton of Le Creuset pans that I plan use quite a bit.

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Thanks for the feedback. The scanpans are that type of anodized surface. I haven't ever had that before so I am not used to it. Should I only use silicon or wooden utensils in them?

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I rarely use metal utensils in my pans anyway except for soup ladles. I would pick up a few extra wooden spatulas to use. Our Costco Business store not too far away also has inexpensive silicon spatulas that I love.

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I have a Scanpan CTX omelette pan for my induction cooktop that just adore. I only use it for eggs or omelettes without any oil and then merely wipe it out with a paper towel. I've have it and used it nearly every day for over three years, and it it still in great shape, even though at one point my wife left in on the cooktop with the cooktop on for a couple of hours.

The Calphalon (I think) is made by the same company that makes Circulon and Anolon and a few others, I've never had any of those brands last more than a couple of years before becoming totally non-non-stick.

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We have an anodized 4 qt. Calphalon saucepan that is about 10 years old and the anodizing is wearing off. It's not my most frequently used pan either. The anodized interior holds the smell of spaghetti sauce, so I mainly use it for boiling pasta.

I also have several Tri-ply Calphalon saucepans that I love. The weight is good, the SS cleans up beautifully, and the handles are triple riveted. I like the glass lids. The handles are thin, but not as bad as my All-Clad skillet, which I hate. I found the 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 qt. saucepans and a 6 qt. stockpot at Marshall's for less than half of what they sell at Macy's and BB&B. They have them there regularly but only get a few at a time. I've seen the skillets there too.

I'm not sure if it can be used for induction, but I use a Cuisinart Green Gourmet pan for eggs. It has a ceramic non-stick interior. We have cooked in it every morning for four years and it's just now showing a little discoloration and a few pits. Eggs will stick now and then, especially if we cook meat in it, but I just give it a little scrub with baking soda and it's good as new. I think there's microscopic residue on the ceramic that dish soap doesn't always remove.

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That is a tough decision.
I have one scanpan IQ and works nicely.
I think I would prefer the scanpan CTX without the induction plate on the bottom but not sure it makes much of a difference.
I watched a scanpan video making scallops and they used high heat and a metal fish spatula.
I have one calphalon induction pan - it is not anodized.
It also works just fine.
I think I have 1 or 2 of almost every brand of cooking vessels but very little overlap if pan sizes or function. (All clad, DeMeyere, CIA, calphalon, Staub and probably missed one or two -LOL)
They all work on the induction cooktop. They all have some minor buzzing - more noticeable with the layered pans than solid pans.
I grew up with Teflon, so learning how to cook without has been a challenge well worth achieving. I will be interested in seeing how the scanpan surface holds up over time. The early model SP did have some problems but the newer models seem better (I surfed this about 1-2 years ago, so probably worth a new surfing trip)
I also put almost everything in the DW and they all come out great.
If any discoloration inside the vessel(think over cooked rice), a quick rub with bar keepers friend makes it look new.
Bottom line, go with what matches your lifestyle and the way you cook. Downstream, add a few vessels from other manufacturers to enhance your chosen set.
BYW- I am ogling the large fry pan from scanpan but can't justify as it is the same size as my CIA non-stick - darn.
Let us know your decision!

PS usual text errors

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Thanks for all your advice! I returned the calphalon set and will keep the scanpan set. I just need to fill in with a small sauce pan of 1.5 qt. Thanks for the advice. On to the next task...

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