Fisher Paykel washer

LDS47June 4, 2014

My Fisher Paykel GWL11 washer is making a bumping/thumping sound during the wash cycle. Also I have heard a screeching sound one time. Does anyone have suggestions as to the problem and repair?

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Screeching is usually the drain pump going bad. Crucial that it be replaced quickly. A bad pump can short-out and destroy the motor controller board.

Your bumping/thumping description is somewhat vague. Wash cycle means during agitation? Not during spin? That's unusual.

There's a bias spring that attaches from the tub cover to the front/left suspension strut and functions to limit rotary motion of the tub during agitation, and also stabilize oscillation. Perhaps it has become detached or broken.

The four spring-dampened suspension struts are also a fairly common wear/failure point ... but that would usually cause excess vibration/oscillation during spin moreso than agitation.

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