Compact Miele vs. Bosch vs. AEG

mlj416June 16, 2013

I apologize in advance for the very long post: We are renovating our basement and we can only fit a machine that is smaller than 26" down our stairs. This leaves us with only a few options in Canada. The around 10 year old or older Kenmore set (TL washer) that we inherited with the house has to go - they are literally dead - rusty, etc.

Generally, the other compact brands are Bosch, Miele, AEG and LG. I don't want a condensing dryer so the LG is out.

I'd like to spend around or less than $3000, so the Novotronic Miele W1612 and T7634 just make the cut, but the more I think about it the "Delay start" option is one I really want to have in a washer and I'd have to pony up an extra $800 for that (including tax it's over $900!), so I'm not sure. This board also seems to favour the Novotronic over the Touchtronic so I'm not sure that I should pay extra just for that machine anyhow.

The only reason I'm considering it is because Miele is throwing in the 10-year warranty until Sunday the 23rd. But I do have a few cold washes a week and I was wondering about the lowest temperature setting on the Miele....does it go down to 15C or 60F?

For Bosch units, I'm looking at the WAS24460UC washer -

and Bosch Dryer: - WTV76100CN -

And for AEG, I'm consider either the Lavamat L64850L or L74950 washer
and Dryer: Lavatherm T35850

Anyone have any personal experience with these models in particular. Once I add in delivery and extended 5-ish year warranties for those units (I don't see 10-year warranties available, afaik), they start to approach around $3000, but they do have the 'delay start' feature I am looking for.

I keep going back and forth about it. I can barely find reviews/info about AEG, but the reviews of the Bosch seem to be either that people love it or hate it. If we had an extra $1000 sitting around we'd likely the Miele Touchtronic W3033 and Novotronic T7634, but the thought of paying $4000 for laundry machines is making me a bit ill. Part of the question is if the Bosch and AEG will start breaking/need servicing during years 5 to 10 or if I can find a 10 year warranty for them.

Advice? Experiences with those specific Bosch/Miele/AEG compact machines?

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I have Miele Washer and Dryer and I love them - they are compact but work great - made in Germany - no issues for the past 5 years. I did spend $3.5K for both but I don't regret.

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@thedork - do you have Novotronic machines or Touchtronics?

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I've had that Bosch and liked it a lot. But no delay start on the one I had. I would have gone with it again but I needed a vented dryer and I was told bosch was discontinuing theirs at the end of this year.

Went with the Miele 3035 (same as 3033 but SS) and love it. Delay start is terrific. They have cold setting and no heat.its super adjustable. I agree on the price but having spent it feel it was worth every penny.

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@rococogurl - I was just wondering how long your Bosch machines lasted for as that is one of my main worries.


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