hole in evaporator coil

n00bhomeownerOctober 29, 2010

i had a technician come out during summer because my a/c wasn't cooling. he said i was low on coolant/freon and my capacitor was bad. he put in a new capacitor, put in coolant and everything was good again. i recently had my a/c stop cooling again. i had a different teach come out (b/c my home warranty chooses them) and the service invoice says "checked unit found low on R-22 charged unit did leak check found leak in evap coil needs to be replaced". why is there all of a sudden a hole in my evaporator coil inside of my house? did the first guy not see it? what would cause a hole in the coil? My unit is 6 years old, my house is 5 years old so it seems weird for my unit to have so many problems.

the second guy didn't mention in the service invoice, but he told me that while he was here he put freon (i'm assuming he was talking about R-22) in the unit. he's coming back to replace the evap coil and he said it will be $60 to take the freon out and then put it back in. isn't it strange to put freon in a unit known to be leaking and then charge to take it back out?

i'd really appreciate any help!!!

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the old adage applies here.....you get what you pay for.

I am sure that there are great techs out there doing home warranty work, I just don't know of a lot of them

The reason is because the Home warranty companies really try and beat down the tech/companies on their work/prices.

The first tech put r-22 into your unit and should have at leaste looked for a leak as units do not just run out of refrigerant.

The 2nd tech is talking about the recovery charge I believe.

I would ask the home warranty folks if they cover this charge and if not why not as it is part of the proper installation of the new evaporator coil.

If they are putting in a new coil, verify that you are getting one for the right size and for the refrigerant that your a/c system uses.

Make sure that a new liquid line filter drier is installed with the new coil.

Will the tech "pull a proper vacuum" to check and see if there are no other leaks?

If the tech is brazing instead of soldering will he purge with nitrogen?

All good questions to ask

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"The first tech put r-22 into your unit and should have at leaste looked for a leak as units do not just run out of refrigerant. "


Refrigerant is not 'used up' in a system, they are sealed.

The only way it can escape is through a leak.

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