Main floor heat not working

jubraneOctober 21, 2011


I've got a 2 story house, a thermostat on each floor (both appear to be working and batteries good). However, though I have my heat set to 68 on the main floor, it remains cold (62) and no heat seems to be coming from the registers. I turned on my second floor heat and it works fine. We have a single HVAC unit for both floors, so I'm not sure how this is possible. Any help/suggestions would be very welcome.



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Unless you have experience in electrics and/or HVAC, I would call a dealer to come check it out.

You might check your breaker panel and make certain the circuit that furnace is on has not tripped.

You can also make an inspection for any loose wires.

How old is furnace? When was it last serviced?


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Hi tigerdunes,

Thanks for the reply. The Unit is only 5 and a half years old and hasn't been serviced yet. I suppose it's due for a maintenance. As I said, the unit works for both floors, so I wasn't sure how the second floor could work and the first floor doesn't. I do anticipate calling a professional, but would like to exhaust other avenues first.

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You have one furnace or two?

Bad thermostat is a possibility but remote.

The idea furnace has never been checked is absurd. You wouldn't do the same with a car, or a checkup for your child or yourself would you?

Sorry but this just does not make sense.


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sounds like you have a zone system that has either a bad t-stat(zone sensor) or bad damper. either way you will need to call somebody

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