Installation Checklist Needed from Miele Users

chris03June 15, 2011

My Miele 4842 and 9802 (without stands) are being delivered and installed tomorrow! What should I look for to be sure the installation is done properly and to get started on the right foot with the washer and dryer? I have learned a lot from you experienced users and wondered if you have any tips about things to check on before the technicians leave. Many thanks!

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Ensure the shipping struts are removed from the washer.

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@ chris03

Ensure that the shipping struts are NOT removed until the machine is in your laundry room. Sometimes installers will remove them on the truck, and this is not a good practice. There are lots of bumps between the truck and your laundry room. Keep the struts in place until you are as close to the final location as possible.

Make sure that the machines are properly leveled. Ensure you see the installers use a bubble level and verify for yourself that the units are perfectly leveled before the installers leave. Miele says you should run a sanitary cycle before first use. Start that cycle before the installers leave to confirm the cycle is working. Install the units downstairs.

I hope you are using Miele authorized installers. If you are in the US, that will get you a 2nd year added to your warranty. If you bought any extended warranties, make sure it's a Miele extended warranty and not some third party excuse for a warranty.

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Thanks to both for your tips. Sshrivastava, your specific points were very helpful, and yes, I had Miele authorized installers. Now I will hope for problem-free operation of both appliances.

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