Please help me decide on a new washer and dryer set

bancoraJune 18, 2010

Hi everyone,

I love this forum and you all rock! I have been lurking for a while and learned a lot. But I'm still quite confused as to what brand of washer and dryer I should purchase. I am a bit of a laundry obsessed girl and this is the first time we are choosing our own appliances, as the house sellers are taking theirs with them. I am excited and very confused. After much much research I think I have narrowed it down to the Electrolux Wavetouch Washer (no steam), Electrolux Wavetouch Dryer (steam) OR Miele W4840 and T9800 (although I would consider the smaller models also, I just have to see them).

I have seriously read close to every post on the topic and am still a bit confused.

My 'must haves' are: the washer must get clothes very clean (I also use natural eco liquid detergent and fabric softener), it must be super gentle, must be a 'quality' brand that I can trust not to break often or ever, it must be FL. The dryer ideally should work well at de-wrinkling (I think I would like a reverse tumble option in the dryer). Size isn't that important since it's just me and my husband. They will be sitting on the main floor on laminate flooring, they don't have to be super quiet but also not shake the house.

I would love to hear from everyone but especially those of you who have had the above machines for at least 6 months.

Thank you so much!

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My husband and I were going to get a Bosch washer & dryer. They looked like the most for the money to us. However, they wouldn't fit in the space in our home. We ended up with Affinity by Frigidaire. They aren't as fancy as the Bosch, but my clothes get clean and after 3 years we have had no problems with them.

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I got a Samsung Front loader almost a year ago. I wish I never got rid of my top loader. The FL's don't let you do many things, like soak or add different things when you want to. I also don't know when its on each cycle. I am not happy with the cleaning either.

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I absolutely love my Maytag Bravos washer/dryer set. The washer is an HE toploader.

I have the best of both worlds -- low water usage, huge capacity (I can wash a king-size comforter and 2-3x the laundry I could wash in my former washer), I can soak clothes (very important to me), the high spin speed spins so well, laundry dries quickly, and I can add clothes as long as the Add A Garment light is on.

Because of the huge capacity, I only wash 3-5 loads max per week, whereas I used to wash 7-10 loads per week. This has made an appreciable difference in our utility bills.

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When planning for a new washer & dryer set, make sure any washer and dryer you buy has hinges that open in the correct direction, dryer air exhaust can be connected to the side you need to have it on. Also since FL machines are deeper in depth than normal washers make sure you have the room for it in your laundry area.

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