Kitchen reveal!! White/cherry with caesarstone

swfrJanuary 28, 2014

Hi lovely GW,
I have been waiting for the day when I can finally share my reveal and although we haven't officially moved in, I think this is about as good as it's going to get. Because although the island stools have been ordered but aren't here yet and the breakfast area table is still in storage, at least this also means there isn't junk everywhere yet. It's looking rather pristine/bare now and soon will have a much more "lived in" look. :)

This has been a long, strange trip-- from starting with the floorplans that the builder had created (and we had signed off on) to realizing (thanks to some firm but loving guidance of many important GWers) that it was less than optimal. There were many hours spent on GW revising our floorplan over and over again to get everything figured out.

Originally the kitchen/first floor was going to be laid out like this:

And eventually this is what I came up with thanks to some brilliant and generous advice givers on here: (This is obviously just a sketch of the back half of the first floor--- the front half of the house remained the same.)

So obviously I have GW to thank for the entire layout of the kitchen. But this website also played a huge role in helping me find (and become brave enough to demand) a better line of cabinets than my builder was going to use. This allowed me to get the exact look I wanted, without spending very much more money. I might be the most grateful member of this community.

The details I ended up with:
Cabinets: Medallion Silverline with Lancaster door style (except Potter's Mill where we needed to upgrade to the gold line for what I wanted), island in cherry with pecan stain and perimeter in maple with divinity finish.
Appliances: GE Cafe Dual Fuel Range with baking drawer, Kenmore elite 31 cu ft refrigerator, Kenmore elite dishwasher.
Counters: Caesarstone Piatra Grey on the perimeter and Frosty Carrina on the island
Floors: Mullican hickory saddle engineered hardwoods
Backsplash: Daltile Modern Dimensions 4 1/4 x 12 3/4 subways in Biscuit
Lighting: Feiss lighting "urban renewal" mini pendants over the island and 5 light chandelier over the breakfast table

Here's the view from the breakfast table. There will be four stools along the front of the island.

Here's the view of the clean up area with a view of the forest/farmland/mountains out our back. I claim that this might actually make me *want* to do the dishes but my husband says he needs to see it to believe it! The storage to the right of the dishwasher is where all of our everyday dishware and glassware will be stored. (Excuse the handle on that little drawer. The right one is getting ordered.)

The GE dual fuel range and the built-in ventahood that I had to work so hard to get. With 15" deep cabinets flanking it on each side.

Piatra Grey Caesarstone close-up. It is so pretty in person!

Frosty Carrina Caesarstone to give you an idea of how creamy it is with just flecks of grey veining. It is impossible to get a good picture of it. It looks pink in this picture and it is NOT AT ALL pink in person.

The run of the cooking wall has a built-in 4" ledge that I dreamed up to give me a little storage space behind the range for oils and stuff, but also makes the regular depth fridge look more built-in. It is the thing I am getting the most compliments about from visitors seeing the kitchen for the first time. It allowed me to use standard-depth cabinets on the bottom to get this look of deeper counters. I highly recommend this design element!

A view looking out from the island. The open door back there is my large walk-in pantry. The breakfast area is right there in front of the blue wall and the family room is just beyond that. The cased in door to the right leads to the dining room.

That's the whole tour! Thank you to each and every person who was on this journey with me. I keep feeling like I should get a little piece of art of a spiderweb to hand somewhere in the kitchen to remind me of how much credit is due to the "web" and all of you!

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Wonderful! I love your ledge. Those little details is what make a kitchen great. Like the Piatra Grey Caesarstone. Enjoy your new kitchen.

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Beautiful! You've made such good use of space, with an elegant look. I hope you love it!

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Your kitchen is gorgeous! I am considering Medallion cabinets and your choices are absolutely beautiful. I love the mix of island and perimeter cabinet finishes along with the countertop differences. Everything works very well together. Congrats!

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It looks great, and I love that ledge!

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What a cool idea that ledge is! And it makes a nice accent. I love the layout, style and colors you've used. It's my kind of kitchen (if I had more space). That window with that view really makes it special. Good job!!!

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Wonderful job!

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So excited to see this reveal thread! It looks awesome, your persistence paid off. Enjoy!

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I'm so happy to see this reveal! Congratulations, it is a triumph. It was great to follow along with you on the journey. Enjoy your beautiful kitchen!

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What a beautiful kitchen! As the others have said, the ledge is a stellar idea! Wish I had thought of that! I love the green walls. One of my fav colors. Great job!

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Really pretty! I too am a ledge lover! What a great idea!

Are your countertops honed CS quartz (aka sign the waiver quartz) or polished - and what is the thickness of each? Is the island thicker? I love the newer colors.

I know you're excited to get in that beautiful place. Great job!

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It looks like such a nice place to be!! this it's a kitchen you could really get alot done in. Love the pendants! Love the cabinets! Love the hardware! Love the sinks and faucets!! Love the ledge behind the range! Love the turn of the counter on either side of the range!

I'm going to stop going back to the photos and noticing new details i love now bc this could go on all night.

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Aw. You guys are just making me blush. I feel like a proud new mama. :) Thanks so much for all the compliments.

The caesarstone is traditional. I'll measure it's thickness when I can, but I can tell you it is whatever is standard.

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I have "traditional" Ceasarstone too, and it looks like mine is the same thickness, which is 3 cm (it only comes in 2 cm and 3 cm - we used a 2 cm remnant in one bathroom, with a laminated edge, and 3cms in the kitchen and the other bathroom.

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What an amazing kitchen! So clean and sleek!

I think one of the nicest thing you said is that due to what you learned here, you had the strength to demand better cabinets. So many times we're bowled over by "you don't git.." And after having signed off on your plan, having the wisdom to change it to something more suitable for how you're actually going to live.

I don't think those who really put in some time here, get to hear things like that very often. Credit, yes. Such a deep difference, no.

Great job.
And how could you not want to do the dishes, just to get to zone out in front of that window!

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Yes, a drop dead gorgeous kitchen!! I love your ledge...great idea! The green on the walls is fresh!


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Beautifully done! Congrats!

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Really like the ledge.. such a neat touch! And the cabs are lovely and so is that green color on the walls! Was that you that couldn't get the KD to figure out the range hood that you wanted?

GW can be a life saver, I know! Your kitchen is really beautiful and howsabout a peek in the pantry?

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awesome kitchen! all that counter space! love the ledge too - great idea. And I love all of those drawers!

and the view - wow, lucky you!

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Wonderful layout, beautiful cabinets and counters, and defining details like the ledge and pendants, I just love it all. You won't wash dishes there, you'll be enjoying the view, indoors and out! I like the pantry placement, too. Enjoy it for years!

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Wow, it seems like just a few weeks ago we were all puzzling over your layout, I can't believe it's done! It's lovely, I think you will love working in it!

You did a great job putting it all together, and kudos for sticking to your guns on that hood! Beautiful!

(I forgot how big your original island was going to be - holy moly! That's a kitchen continent!)

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Congratulations! Let me join in the chorus of cheers for the ledge! That looks so sharp and unexpected. And a great way to cover the gap to the fridge without going CD. And that perfect placement of the sink!

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So happy to see your reveal. Your beautiful kitchen is a true GW success story. I remember how the people here explained step by step how to build your hood & mantel. I was so impressed by the knowledge that was being shared. I was also feeling sorry for you because you did have to battle to get what you wanted.
About the ledge (love it), your cabinets are sitting in front of the ledge? Which made your countertop deeper & your frig look built-in? Brilliant!
Love everything, especially your countertops, your hood, pendants & "the ledge!"

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Looks great. I think all your hard work paid off. Love the ledge idea.

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Your kitchen doesn't have that generic "new kitchen" look. It seems very classy and personal; you can tell that thought and care went into every decision. Lovely!

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The revised plan is superior.

GW is wonderful, aren't they!

Beautiful kitchen. So well done. I love the ledge too.

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Great looking kitchen, hopefully you keep it this way in the future ;)

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I think it was deedles that wanted to see inside the pantry so I'm going to C&P the post I just made revealing it with the shelves that were just installed. It's going to be a crucial part of the kitchen, so it seems like it belongs here too:

The final step of my kitchen project was finished this morning and OH BOY. I am happy. :) Once again the wisdom of GW helped me design something that I hope will be super functional. I can't wait to get in there and organize everything. My label maker is going to be busy!

The shelves are differing depths and their heights are totally adjustable, so they will not be staying as they are pictured-- the installer just put them all in with even spacing. On the left wall the front shelves are 10" and the back shelves are 14". The ones on the right (past the supplemental fridge) are 20" deep for platters, bulk paper towels, boxes of soda cans, etc. And the shorter bookshelf on the back wall are going to be used as a sort of "command central" with a big white board/cork board hung above to be the area for grocery lists, calendars, phone lists, etc. I'll be using the shelves for filing bills and keeping school papers organized.

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I had to look at this kitchen again to see your beautiful counters (thinking of the Pietra Gray now that you and Gooster have) and the way you were able to make your refrigerator look counter depth. I also love your floors! I have to choose engineered wood floors for the rest of my downstairs and I took note of your Mullican hickory saddle engineered hardwoods and will check it out in the store before I commit back to the Brazilian Cherry that I have now that got damaged with my flood from my water heater. Thank you for sharing your beautiful kitchen.

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Congratulations, it's really beautiful!

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This was an awesome tribute to GW Kitchens and the fine folks that hang ouy here! Your kitchen is amazing...of course....but the real heroes are those that taught those who were willing to listen and the empowerment that resulted.

Congratulations, I am sorry to have missed your journey but the finish is amazing.

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Very pretty! I love the green with the white and cherry. And I am jealous of that ledge --- what a great idea, it looks fabulous! Love your flooring choice, too.

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I love it all. Pantry is wonderful - so practical with those deep shelves for large, hard-to-store items and paper towels, yet plenty of 10" shelves so food items don't get lost. And I love having the command center in there. You need that stuff nearby and handy, but not necessarily in plain sight. Great thinking!

What is next to the fridge?

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What is the hardware? I am guessing either topknob charlotte pulls or RH Ephram. What about the buttons can you share?

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