Is your countertop soap dispenser a test of patience?

mudwormJanuary 22, 2013

Does your liquid soap always come out on its first pump?

If the answer is yes, did you make any improvement/modification to your soap dispenser?

I like the look of mine and appreciate it being there, but usually after a period of no-use, it takes multiple pumps to get the soap out, which is a test to my patience. I'd like to learn if anyone has any trick to this seemingly insignificant yet annoying issue.

I'm currently using the bottle that came with the dispenser if that matters.

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Debbi Branka

Mine comes out on the first pump. But mine DRIPS! Drives me nuts! I use Dawn, so I always had these blue drip lines down my white sink. You know "if you can't beat em, join em." I switched to clear Dawn instead of blue :) Oh and I overflow it almost every time I fill it - what a mess to clean up!

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deb-you can avoid overflow by measuring the soap as you are filling it up. I measured it before attaching the bottle so I know about 2c is the limit before it "explodes" along the side :)

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I'm having problems with I think the Never Emp-T...not the pump itself (I think)....have to pump a gazillion times and then I get a old ones worked a lot better from the bottle....I am going to attempt some adjustments and see what happens.

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Mine works great now that I changed soaps. I was using Dr. Bronner's, but that would dry and congeal on the hole almost immediately, so I'd have to pump with force, sometimes several times, and never knew where the soap would fly. Switched to regular dish soap, and it works like a charm. I have a neverMT, but I think that's immaterial here.

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Mine are hand soap with NeverMT. Sometimes if I've been gone all day for some reason I have to pump twice to get soap rather than once. It doesn't bother me. Mine are Elkay dispensers.

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We use a NeverMT and the soap comes out first pump. The NeverMT has a one way valve that is suppose to keep the tube from emptying so that you only have to pump once.

Joanie, perhaps the one way valve wasn't installed or is defective? It's been a while since we installed the NeverMT, but it may have been a separate piece that went between the soap dispenser and the NeverMT tube.

We use Dial hand soap which seems to be a bit thick for the soap dispenser so it works best if we remove a little from the bottle and add a little water to thin the soap a bit.

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We gave up on our countertop dispenser and now use a bottle dispenser. The countertop overflowed overflowed, was hard to prime. It just seems like a bad idea to me. Our new counter will NOT have one of those...

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I have had those in several residences & hate them, so I'm glad my current home doesnt have it, so you're definitely not alone! But good to know that there is a brand that is supposed to work better in the future!

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My NeverMT works better if I dilute the soap a bit. If it's too thick, it sputters on the first pump. Definitely not all they're cracked up to be.

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Mine's been great. It's a Kohler K-1895 and costs around $60. It's got a 16 oz. bottle that we fill with Dawn about every two months. We use it for hands and dishes, so I expected to have to refill more often than that.

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I had a Grohe which never worked and stained the granite. Bought the Kohler and no complaints after 2 years.

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I have a Grohe soap dispenser and it's been great. It has never dripped. I used to use Palmolive dishwashing liquid, and the soap dispenser would occasionally clog up. I would take the pump out and put it in a tall glass of hot water, then pump the hot water through until the clog was gone. But since I've switched to thinner dishwashing liquid-- Seventh Generation Dish Liquid (learned about on this Forum, thanks SO much!)--I've never had a soap dispenser clog again.

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I have a Moen soap dispenser stocked with Dawn detergent. I have had it for nearly 8 years. First pump delivers the soap...and never a drip.

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I have a Franke and a home-made Never-MT. It works perfectly with Dawn. No drips, and works on first pump even if we have been away for a week.

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Moen--works great. I never overfill. It delivers in first pump. No drips.

Disclaimer--I am on the second one in 8 years. First one broke after about 5 yrs.

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We have an Elkay based on reccommendations here. So far no problems. Soap comes out after one pump.

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Maybe this will help:

I use Never MTs and there is no problem. First pump delivers. No drips. There is a valve in the plastic tube that keeps the soap from running back into the bottle. If the tube is installed incorrectly, the soap does run back into the bottle and multiple pumps are needed.

Ask me how I know. But the fix was easy--just dismantle and mount correctly.

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I am wondering if there is any type of dispenser the Never MT will not work with? I am considering the Bobrick because of it's wonderful reviews.

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We've had soap dispensers for over twenty years. Before we got Never MT, had problems overfilling, having to pump numerous times, but nothing so bad that we would have considered not having a soap dispenser. We did have a problem with Dawn detergent eating through the metal spout on our first kitchen soap dispenser, but we bought the replacement part and started using a different dw soap.

Since installing Never MT several years ago, I only had a problem once, when the tubing got pushed down too much in the soap bottle. We use DW detergent in our kitchen (use it both for dishes and handwashing) and hand soap in the bathrooms---no drips, no problems. Love Never MT!

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Waterstone - no drips and first pump - I want to get an NeverMT but didn't want to pay the shipping. Someday!

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Kholer cheapo soap dispenser here, and it works great on the first pump. We use Costco's environmentally safe dish soap for washing both hands and dishes. Love my soap dispenser!

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I have a Delta soap dispenser that came with my faucet and soap comes out first pump and only have to prime it when I refill. We've been using it for about 8 months now with Dawn and Gain and both have been fine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Delta Kate

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i have a rohl dispenser used with a never MT. ours never drips, and does come out on the first pump, but sometimes it takes a couple of pumps to get a full stream.

i'm happy with this set up. works much better than the pump in our previous house -it's been so long, the brand escapes me.

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