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slowdowntohurryupOctober 12, 2011

I recently received two quotes for new construction installation from a couple of reputable Trane dealers and was wondering about the unit models as they are not quoting the same models (the model # are a little different but it may just be because one is quoting 1/2 tons and the other is not)....also there is a pretty big price discrepancy... little odd -- so i was wondering what i was missing... thx

Option A:

TAM7A0B30H21 2.5 ton HE VS air handler 10kw strip

TAM7A0C42H31 3.5 ton HE VS air handler 15kw strip

4TWR5030 2.5 ton XR 15 heat pump

4TWR5042 3.5 ton XR 15 heat pmup

2- TCONT802 prog thermostat

square duct with flex round lines, hart &cooley grills

$12,550 (tax included)

upgrade both to XL20i systems


Option B:

2- 3 ton XR15-410a heat pump

2- 3 ton 4TEE 410 V/S CNV air handler

2- KW standard heat strips

2- non- prog 3H/1C sensor digital heat pump thermostat

2- 10 yr parts and labor warranty

- of course installation...


upgrade to 3ton R-410A XL15i units


upgrade to XL20i units with (2) 4 ton 4TEE 410 V/S CVV air handler....$21,800

option doesnt say with taxes..but i would hope so(for comparison sake - let say so)

My thoughts -

- this is how they wrote them out.. with A seemingly having more detail on the units - but how many different types of 15 seer trane units do they make - although they both have variable speed (the second one on B has an "extra hood" that is cosmetic and changes the direction of the fan venting...)

- both are going to use flex - not metal duct work

- B added the warranty that A did not and mentioned that it was $1200 - which i though was total--- yet after reviewing this got me thinking - is that per unit? that would drop it down - but would make B be higher.

- A has prog thermostat and B doesnt - not a large difference - but a difference.

- house is 3200+sqft and the idea is to have one unit on the bedrooms and the other on the living area (A- was going to put the 3.5 on the bedrooms...)

- B touted their ductwork as they use a reducing method as they go throughout the house-- havent talked to A about it...was just thrown off about the price diffences..

any opinions welcomed


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what is your climate? I generally like option A with the XR15's. How much square footage on each level? I like that there is different size on each level. Sounds lke the hvac-guy is putting some thought into your system.

You don't have natural gas?

Option A is a good price. He must want the job.

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I also like option A mainly because of more detail.

What is location?

I prefer metal round trunk lines- flex runs for supply and return OK. What is insulation R rating for ductwork?

I would ask for Trane's 803 stat or exact identical HW mdl #8321. If you live in area with high summer humidity, you might want HW VP IAQ stat with dehumidify on demand

I would want Trane's two stg 7/12 KW heat strip for both systems. Should be more than adequate.

I may think of other suggestions.


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sorry different mention that its a single story - spread out quite a bit---"architect/designer" tried to say one unit would be ok - (he ran a manual j on it - 5 ton) but every hvac guy we have talked to said two units --- plan is setup with bedrooms on one end and living area on the other end--- in LA---humidity like crazy and house will be all electric out in the country (maybe gas fireplace..)

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---tigerdunes---"What is insulation R rating for ductwork?"

not sure what would be required - but we are pricing foaming the rafters (cellouse in the walls) so that may be a non issue? option B had mentioned trunking the duct work - but that it would NOT be metal-- metal would be several thousand more...

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Ductwork must be insulated.

I prefer metal galvanized trunk lines for supply and return. Supply and return runs OK for flex. I would not have or recommend all flex.

Air handlers and ductwork to be in attic or crawl space?

You asked, I answered.


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...:-)....i was trying to quote...

air handler/ductwork will be in attic which is one of the for reasons for leaning towards foaming the rafters...option a references "square duct with flex round lines - I'll have to give them a call and check on the materials....)

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