How does the numbers look for this Inifinity System

TotsieOctober 18, 2012

New Carrier Infinity 3 Ton System

1465 sq ft to be heated/cooled Dallas, Texas

New attic insulation

3 North windows large covered patio -3 SW windows(one does get morning sun quite a bit)all have solar new solar screens. plus using 3 wall returns

Carrier 24ANB136 Two Speed Condensing Unit


58 CVA070 Variable Speed Furnace 80%

Infinity Programmable Thermostat (Brand New one that just came out, I like kinda looks like Iphone icons)..

All New R8 ductwork

So what are you thoughts...thanks so much appreciate your opinions...

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correction to my post. going to be using 3 ceiling installed returns plus using the 3 wall (already there)(1 located in living room with one of the new ceiling returns)(1 wall return in foyer)(1 new ceiling retun in dining room)(1 new return in office/tv room also using the old wall return)that's the layout..hope I described the layout ok..thanks

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why would you have so many return airs?
three in ceiling three in walls?

do you mean supplies?

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Had a very Bad experience with the first contractor ...he made the 3 new ceiling returns, his plan was to close off the 3 wall returns.. It seems the wall returns are very contractor suggest the 3 new ceilings were actually too small so rather than enlarging those in size suggested to use the 3 wall returns..the old contractor had installed 3 14 inch r6 to the new returns (which one of those made a loud buzzing noise) I think the new contractor is suggesting smaller 10 in to the new returns, not sure size to the wall returns-hope this makes sense..what's your thoughts? Thanks oh I have 3 4x6 and 9 (?) supply returns .. Thanks

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The equipment you are getting is some of the best Carrier offers. I would add a 4 inch media filter rather than a 1 inch.

I assume this is a one story house and there are multiple returns. I always worry about ceiling returns between living space and the attic. I have read about people complaining about cold air coming out of the return in the winter. The wall returns are a better strategy assuming they are properl sized.

I hope this contractor is better than the first one.

Good luck.

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Thanks Mike-your insight always appreciated-learned a lot from the last contractor (what not to do) the 58 CVA 70 furnace pose any concern? I like the 18 seer rating for this set up..I noticed with the 58 CVA 90 is a little better rating... Any thoughts? Thanks

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Not worth oversizing the furnace just to obtain slightly higher efficiency ratings. 70k is very likely more than enough for 1465 sqft in Dallas. Where are the new ceiling returns to be located -- centrally or in individual rooms? What size ductwork leads to the 3 wall returns?

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Sorry, I see you are unsure of the size ductwork to the wall returns. Three 10" flex returns plus the wall returns might be okay if the floorplan is open and/or the new returns are centrally located. But if these new returns are going in rooms that are going to be closed off from time to time, I think they'd have a hard time providing ample return, or they would create some pretty negative spaces which is not a good thing in a home. Basically, I encourage you to make sure the contractor focuses on sizing the return and supply ductwork properly. It is often overlooked resulting in noisy systems with high ESP.

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I agree with Ryan. Don't oversize the furnace in order to get a small increase in SEER rating. You could increase the size of the coil to 3.5 or 4 tons in order to get a small increase in SEER rating. It may not be practical for your attic installation since the width of the coil would go from 17 to 21 inches. The contractor would have to build a transistion duct between the coil and furnance. It is not worth complicating the installation.

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y'all talk equipment..I think the duct/return situation
is crazy.

why would you use smaller duct 10" to return when 14"
made a loud buzzing? you are increasing the friction
of the air by downsizing. talk about increasing external
static pressure.

I read & saw the pics of first install.
doesn't seem like you have a good grasp of what
is going on at all. the pics did little to explain
anything you wrote about.

now in this thread you talk about 3 ceiling returns
too small & 3 wall returns too small.
6 returns folks...6 this is texas in a 1450 sq ft house.

then you write:
Thanks oh I have 3 4x6 and 9 (?) supply returns..

four by six? what? something is wrong here.

can you post pics with some type of scale
to describe return better?
then a picture of the wall return with
measurements in post. same with ceiling returns.

given the issues you had with first installer
I'd slow down until you better understand what
you are doing.

best of luck.

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Thanks Mike &Ryan-energy will take some measurements and pic for better explanation -but frankly your being so angry in your post, wondering why you bothered to post . New to AC systems and here to learn whatever I can that may help avoid future troubles. thanks for reading and suggesting different points of thoughts :)

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there is no anger in my post.
just puzzled at the setup as described.

I've lived in the south all my life
and have never seen 6 returns in a house
less than 1500 sq ft.

think about the money you are spending
on new system. the system moves air 400 cfm per ton.
this 1200 cfm of air is delivered by your supply
ducts. and it returns via return ducts.
there has to be enough return pathways to move
1200 cfm of air.
that one return with a 14" duct whistles
and they say to replace it with 10" duct..
that is crazy.

the amazement is not at you..but at what in the
world these people are thinking.

hvac-speak is a different language.
given that you have had one terrible experience
I'd rather not see you have a second one.

best of luck.

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