Whirpool Cabrio Clean Washer cycle

threebeesJune 6, 2007

I have had my Cabrio for about three months and thought I would run it through the clean washer cycle (just for fun).

I am wathcing it do its thing and I am noticing that the water is very cloudy and there are some suds on top. I have been using Kirkland HE Liquid and Sunlight for sensitive skin with a small amount of fabric softener. I have been using about a third of a cup of detergent for a large load.

Do you think that this is a sign that I have been using too much detergent in my wash cycles? Or does this sound normal and the clean cycle is doing what it should be?

Thanks for you opinions!

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threebees, The water in my Cabrio Clean-Washer cycles always remains clear and sudsless (if there is such a word). I use Tide HE liquid & Downy softener when washing clothes, so I cannot comment on the Kirkland or Sunlight you use. I don't know if it is a sign that you are using too much detergent, but it does sound like the cleaning cycle is doing what it is supposed to do. If the Kirkland & Sunlight are powders, it appears that some undissolved granules are remaining in your machine after your normal wash cycles. I'd be curious about the condition of the water if you did a second cleaning cycle directly after the 1st (without the bleach).

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I got my Cabrio in March and I have not done a clean cycle yet, though I have been considering it. Should I do that now? How often do you do a clean cycle. I used to run my old TLer through a hot heavy duty cycle with just bleach every couple months when it got older.

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Stubaby, the detergents I use are liquids. I am planning to switch to Tide He liquid as soon as I run out. I didn't do another cleaning cycle but I'll probably do one again in a couple of weeks just to see what the water looks like.

jcrowley99, i think I read somewhere to do the cleaning cycle once a month but that seems a bit much for me considering we are a family of three and don't have that much laundry. Please let me know when you do your cleaning cycle if your water was cloudy, also. What kind of detergent and softener are you using?


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Is this something you all do once in a while? Has it got something to do with newer type machines, or something you've done right along? I've never done that. Never had any reason to even have that idea pop into my head--except maybe after washing the dog beds, but I probably just washed a load of the towels and junk I accumulate from mopping up spills, added det. and bleach and never looked back. Sandy

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OK, I washed my bunny's blankets today and ran the clean cycle afterwards. The water was clear throughout the cycle, there was a tiny bit of foam on top of the water. The foam dissipated when the water stopped moving - I had to hit pause and open the lid to get a good look at the water because the glass was fogged up. Could just have been from the motion of the water, or the bleach. There was no clouding of the water, and no bubbles.

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I just ran the clean washer cycle which I have run before. It started out saying 60 minutes like usual, then about 5 minutes later went from 56 to 2 minutes. It ended without spinning. I repeated and the same thing happened. Any idea what is wrong? There were bubbles in the water - I am using the right detergent but probably too much of it for our water.

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