Learned something new about my GE Adora today

hcarrJune 23, 2006

Hi all. I posted several days ago about a problem I was having with my GE Adora going off balance a lot (couple times a load). Well, GE came to look at it today and the problem was that it was not draining properly. The repairman removed the lower front panel (3 screws at bottom) and gained access to a filter - best way I can describe it is it looks like the way I access the water filter on my fridge. He unscrewed it and there was a ton of fuzz/hair, etc clogging it up. I've had the machine since January. I asked him if this is something I should be doing regularly and he said "yes" - about every month or two depending on how much laundry you do. It looks pretty easy to do but you do have to remove the three screws each time.

Just thought I'd let you other Adora owners know about this - especially if you are having more than usual off balance loads.

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I haven't worked on the GE Adoras but I think any design that would require a customer to remove screws to access a "user required maintenance item" is a bad design.
Any item that requires regular care should be easily accessed without the need for tools.

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May I say the Whirlpool Duet and Duet Sport also require removing the lower front kick panel to access the coin/lint trap. So GE is no the only offender.

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My Bosch washer has a "witness hole" in the front for access to the drain. According to the manual, mere mortals shall not mess with it.

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I have the LG 3677 combo. On all the LG's their is a trap panel at the lower left corner of the washer. I need to drain it with a hose first into a pan and than open the trap to clean it. Not a good design. My biggest beef with LG however is the poor service otherwise I like the machine.

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Thanks for the tip. I opened mine and there wasn't any lint, just two rusty nails (bought machines in February). I had the same issue as peteski50 where I had to drain the water first. Wish I had known that before I opened it. Otherwise, I haven't had any issues with the washer being out of balance at all. I just like to look inside things!

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I ran across this thread while Googling the same problem with my GE Adora. Sure enough, we removed the front cover, unscrewed the coin trap (lower right, you can't miss it), and removed dog hair, lint, a hair band, a screw, another metal piece of something (from yard work this summer), and...a SOCK. Yes, an entire ankle sock. Wonder how that made it through the works. Guess I know where my other blue sock went.

I'm running a load of clothes now. If all goes well I'm going to cancel my Friday service call.

Thanks for posting! I would never have thought to do this as it's not mentioned in the manual.

Here is a link that might be useful: my GE Adora wiki

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I read the article you linked to.
My favorite part was the step to, "Remove foreign objects (but leave the American ones I suppose? ;)"

IMHO all washers should have a door, on the front, for easy access to the pin/link trap like Miele (I'm sure other brands have this setup, too.)

All I have to do is open the door, place a shallow pan under it and drain about 1 liter of water before removing the cover. In over a years time, I've only found a button (that came off a duvet cover) and a little sand from washing rugs.

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Correction: Line three in my last reply should read "pin/lint trap" not "link" trap.

Sorry, I guess I need my morning coffee more than I thought.

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Thanks for this valuable info, my Adora purchased in January had occasional problems getting a good spin dry done, then it finally just quit and would not drain. Since I could not get service for 8 days I googled the prolem and sure enough I found the trap full of crud, I cleaned it and washer works great. The panel is easy enought to remove but kind of difficult to replace, this should be easy for owner to do and should be in the manual. Thanks a lot!

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Same here with the drain/spin problem on our Adora washer (purchased in January). It would take too long to drain and the cycle would actually stop (flashing start button). Had a service call two weeks ago and they decided to replace the control module and door lock, as a remedy since the cycle was not completing...never checked the coin trap...I did last night...found a mess of lint, $0.85 and a sock! I was always suspicious of where all the lint goes (in the FL machine) that I used to clean out of our old top load washer after every load, and I could not find any information in the manual that addressed it. Since the coin trap was cleaned, I have run two loads with no problems. The service guy has not returned to install the parts he ordered, which I now believe have nothing to do with fixing the problem, and I am concerned that the drain motor has been stressed by the repeated lack of water flow due to the clogged coin trap. I would hate to have this motor fail prematurely...after the warranty runs out. Any thoughts on my concern?


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Beth Parsons

After 8 months of heavy and constant use, my GE FL suddenly stopped draining last night. I followed the advice in this thread and quickly found the white, round cap and unscrewed it to drain the rest of the water out of the tub. However, I didn't find too much junk clogging up the opening.

What should I be looking for next? I'd like to fix this myself and avoid a long wait for repair...


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Thank you for this post. I check this forum from time to time to see if there is any news about GE Adoras. So glad I found this! There's no mention in the user's manual about a filter/coin trap. I've used my machine heavily for 20 months now without any trouble but was curious to see what I would find. Unscrewing the cover was easy. I put down a few towels and used a dishpan to catch the water as I unscrewed the lid on the filter -- good thing I had the pan ready! There was enough water present to very nearly fill it. Inside the trap I found a small amount of lint gunk; nothing else. I'm left to scratch my head and wonder where the mates to those orphaned socks have gone... Putting the front cover back on the machine was a small struggle, just to get the screw holes to line up, but not such a big deal. I will make it a point to do an annual check of this trap.

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Thank you so much for the information on the GE Adora washing machine. It really worked to take the bottom front panel off and clean the filter. The washer now will drain and complete a cycle.

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Our GE Adora washer (purchased in 7/07, about 6 months ago) began to shake violently and not drain the clothes completely during the spin cycle. The washer actually smashed into the laundry tub and broke the plumbing and legs of the cheapo plastic tub. I followed the instructions here and took off the lower front panel and emptied out the lint trap. There really wasn't that much lint in the trap, but apparently it was enough to cause the problem because the washer has run 4 loads after I did that and everything is back to normal. Thanks!!

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BTW, we have never had any other problems with our Adora and we only use the Tide HE detergent and the washer always gets everything clean and we never have torn or dirty clothes and there is not any moldy smell at all...

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Wow! I guess I spoke too soon. The washer is walking all over the basement again and not fully spinning the water out of the final rinse. I guess it's time to call GE's support line and see what happens next... I can hardly wait...

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Have any of you had problems with your Adora going off cycle when you wash towels and clothes together? I got my set about a month ago and it goes off balance when I wash those items together, or fitted sheets with other clothes. Otherwise I like the way it washes. Glad I found this site! Let me know!

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I have a GE Adora and I always get this foul smell from the washer. Do you guys get this..? I will check that filter tonight when I get home...

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Do you wipe down the gasket and leave the door open after use? How often do you run a cleaning cycle and what do you use in there? Have you checked the dispensers for mold?

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Well everyone this is funny but I removed the filter and it was full of change (about 2 dollars) and lint.. Thanks for the heads up. Now I never leave the door open after use should I? I have never ran a cleaning cycle how would I go about doing this..? The dispenser is fine no mold. Now the smell I get is like a old water smell, I hope that by cleaning what I did helps it.. Thanks in advance for your help..!

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That is very interesting. Is for a front loader ge adora washer? Ill check it out if it is. What about the pink stuff coming out the bottom? Is that transmission fluid of some sort? Do I have to make the dreaded call or is it fixable?

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Ran into the same problem, my Adora all of a sudden stopped draining, and would pause mid washes and cycles. There was nothing in the manual about cleaning out any lint filter, I'm guessing because they want you to spend the $ on the service call. Follow your directions, and came across over $4.00 in change, some small little toys from the kids, and a whole toddler sock...yes a sock, how does that get through, I wonder. Thank you for the advice, saved me an expensive service call!!!

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Our GE Adora washing machine has been a constant source of trouble for several years now. It cannot be "balanced" no matter what we do and now the front of the cabinet has "rips" in the metal from shaking so violently. The door leaks, the front control panel shorts out and the exterior cabinet is rusting through in the front lower corners.

This washer has many "known issues" and GE refuses to acknowledge them. Since we're out of warranty, I'm not going to try anything else to keep this hunk of junk running. We use only HE detergent and when we add bleach to the dispenser, it simply runs out immediately on the clothes... Clothes are now being torn but we can't find anything obviously damaged in the tub, so we don't know what's tearing the clothes. We leave the door open when the washer is empty so we don't get the moldy smell that so many others have experienced. This is by far the worst appliance we have ever purchased and we'll never buy a GE product again...

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