Yet Another Miele W4842 (W4840) Programming question

larsi_gwJune 17, 2010

What is Rinse Process? I can select Yes or No. Machine arrived selected to No. There is nothing in the W4840 technical manual that I regarding Rinse I am assuming it is new for the W4842.

Anyone have any info on what Rinse Process is?

Suburbanmd...I have a SUPER clear W4840 and T9800 Service manual. If you provide me your email address, I can send it to you!


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I have a clear W4840 PDF manual, thanks. It says this about Rinse Process:

2.3.19 Sensor controlled rinse cycle
During the rinse cycle, cold rinse water drenches the laundry and mixes with the warm suds in the laundry, which increases the temperature of the rinse water. The increase in temperature is monitored by the suds temperature sensor NTC (R30). The temperature increase provides an indication of the rinse effectiveness. This program function activates/deactivates the sensor monitored rinse process.

I remember hearing somewhere that the function is only active for washes at Hot and Sanitize temperature.

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Weird. I once explained Rinse Process before but cannot find my reply anymore...

Well, Rinse Process works from 140°F upwards - at least on the true European models. The temperature sensor measures the temperature rise during the first rinse. The increase is caused because the cold rinse water is "heated" by hot suds in the clothes remaining from the main wash. Once the temperature increase has stopped, the washer knows all the hot suds in the laundry have been diluted with fresh, cold water. The drain/spin kicks in and the final rinse follows.

Since there isn't enough difference between the rinse water and the laundry's temp after a cooler wash, rinse process does not work. On Euro models, a lower-than-140°-wash will give three rinses rather than two.


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larsi, do you still have that programming manual? I'd love to get hold of one

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