Payne Heater Problems

Larry WassonOctober 28, 2011

Have a 15 year old Payne forced air heater, model 373 LAU 048115. So far, to keep it running two years ago I replaced the circuit board and last year the inducer motor. Turned the unit off for summer and restarted yesterday. Fan comes on, then inducer motor, but igniter will not glow. Receive error code 31. Tried the test mode and everything works fine including the igniter.

Have inspected the exhaust vent and there are no obstructions. Bypassed the pressure valve below the inducer and still the igniter will not glow.

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how do you bypass a pressure switch?

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Larry Wasson

All I did was connect the two wires going to the switch together to complete the circuit. Thought the switch was bad. Then I removed the switch with the vacuum tube connected and sucked on the tube. Heard a clicking sound indicating the switch was working. Reinstalled and heater igniter glowed and burners lit. Great to have heat again.

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