Kenmore Front Load Washer trying to bring down my house

ThikWizzJune 22, 2013

My Kenmore HE3 front load washer has been making quite a noise. It vibrates and makes so much noise during the spin cycle, that it literally shakes the whole house. The shaking is so severe that the washer was literally moving across the washer room, inspite of being really heavy (250 pounds)
If i ran the washer empty, it made a little noise intially but then was OK.
I have ensured that the washer is leveled and also put rearranged the clothes to ensure the load is distributed.
I had purchased the washer used. On checking the serial number i found it to be manufactured in october 2005.

Model Number: 11045862401

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Hello--I have had the same problems with HE2 washer made in 2004 -- with a dryer stacked on top of it, it has traveled just a little, not across the laundry room. But the vibrations have been very violent and scary so I got a repair person in to take a look, and then spoke with additional repair people to be sure I was hearing the right answer. Repair people told me the bearing (which holds the basket) is wearing out and the cost to repair this is more than a whole new washing machine. This is a problem with most front loaders--the vibrations that get so much water out also wear out the parts. I have just ordered a unitized laundry center with washer and dryer--I much prefer top load with agitator to the front loaders anyway. And I have to replace the dryer because the stacked units will only go with each other and I can't stack the dryer safely on another washer. FYI, repair people tell me that 8-10 years is unfortunately the expected life span of a front load washing machine, which seems awfully short given the cost of these. If you can keep your dryer, you are lucky; mine is working fine but as noted I can't keep it since no room to put the machines side by side.

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