GE Harmony Dryer Touch Screen Failure

chickadeeadJune 23, 2011

After 2 years of light use (I dry my clothes on a clothes line even in the winter), my GE Harmony dryer touch screen is intermittently not responding to my touch, especially the "okay" button which is required to start every cycle. Has anyone else had this problem? If yes, can you tell me what you did to resolve this? Unfortunately, this dryer is out of warranty and we did not purchase the extended warranty. GE was not helpful at all.

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Have you called for service? Have you tried unplugging your machine from the power line for 5-10 mins and then plugging it back in to see if it "reboots" the electronics? It sounds like you need a new screen panel. Isn't all this useless technology wonderful?

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I have a dryer that is having the same problem. In order to make it work you have to push the "OK" button (or other buttons on the dislay) slightly above the button. This happened about 2 years ago, shortly after it went out of warranty. It cost abot $185 to get the display replaced. It is now starting to do it again. I think GE has a problem with this display.

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We are finally going to replace the touch screen, but GE is charging over $600 for the part. We found it much cheaper on Ebay ($260), so we went ahead and ordered it. This has been a very disappointing experience with this dryer. My GE microwave/ convection oven also stopped working after a few years. I'm not sure I will ever buy another GE appliance again.

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Do have the service manual?

Here is a link that might be useful: Service manual

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chickadeead, you don't cite your model number or part number. I looked up a particular model, SearsParts lists the display module for it at $231 and the control panel $158 or $141 depending on if LH or RH style. Can usually get 10% off at Sears with code P A R T S (no spaces).

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We have dual GE microwaves which I bought because their pulls happened to match our Ikea refrigerator and oven. They're so pretty, I've even seen them used in non-GE commercials as props (for cooking the advertised food product).

But, one no longer sets cooking time--the rotary fly-by-wire dial just turns and turns. The second is starting to do the same. They're about five years old. I'm about to buy two Panasonic microwave ovens now to replace them. It's just the sign of the times. Everything now seems to be made to break within just a few years.

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