Miele T9802 Vent Hose Keeps Popping Out

beden1June 19, 2011

We had delivery of our Miele T9802 dryer on Friday. The vent hose is attached on the side with the Miele vent ring, to a metal elbow, to flexible venting hose which goes to the ceiling and out through the attic to roof vent. The dryer is working fine.

I called the dealer and they had no suggestions. I have not been able to contact Miele as yet.

The plastic ring that is supplied with the dryer, just fits into the dryer side vent hole and does not twist to lock into place, nor does it have any other method to permanently snug the fit.

What happens is the ring gets pushed, shaken or blown partially out of the hole in the side of the dryer and subsequently falls out and the exhaust moisture goes into our laundry room. As a temporary fix, I have taped the exhaust ring in place.

Has anyone contacted Miele for their advice on this matter, or come up with any viable permanent solutions?


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Did you have a Miele authorized installer do this? I'm shocked that your dealer did not have the installers go back out there. I had my installers out twice to deal with leveling issues, at no charge. I had a Miele authorized installer do this. If you look at the dryer installation instructions, there are different plastic rings for different types of ducts. The ring for flexible ducting has clips on it. Does yours have clips?

Instead of dealing with this yourself, you should have the installers come back out and fix it. The dealer needs to step up. If they don't, I would suggest you return the units under Miele's 90-day return program and buy them from a better dealer and get a Miele authorized installer to do the work. You will get another year on your warranty as well.

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Thanks for your suggestions. Our dryer came with two different plastic rings but they both keep coming out. As a temporary fix, I used silver tape to hold the ring in place.

The dealer will not come back until Wednesday. I think I will tell them to take the units away and buy them somewhere else. I have never been so disappointed in a store for their lack of service or caring in my life.

In the mean time, I spoke with Miele customer service (4 times). The first two reps told me they would send me a different ring, but when I looked the part up on-line, it was one of the rings I already have. I then got to the parts department where they were very helpful, the second time. The rep figured out that the dryer is set up for rear venting, even though the manual states venting from both sides as well. There is a part that is missing on the side venting that is installed at the factory on the rear, and that supposedly will solve my problem. Miele is sending me this part at no cost. Hopefully it will be an easy do-it-yourself install.

I will keep you posted on the results.

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beden1--I have the same problem with my Miele T9802 dryer, except mine is vented out the back and the vent keeps falling off. Fortunately, it's near a wall, so we have something pushed between the vent and the wall to keep the vent in. Please post once you have your new part and if it works, I'll be making a call to Miele, too.

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I wonder if it has to do with rigid vs. flexible ducting? Our installer said that Miele trained them to NEVER use flexible ducting, always rigid. They said it had something to do with noise and efficiency, but maybe it's also to avoid the duct from popping out?

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