What is Occident flour? Need ideas for 10 Grain flour too.

calilooJune 18, 2011

I was at my local Farmers market and while picking up a bag of "10 GRAIN" flour that I have no idea what to do with, I saw they also had Occident flour. What is Occident Flour and what sort of recipe do you use it in? Also, I would love some recipes for breads that use 10 Grain flour.



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As I recall it is an all purpose flour sold in bulk. At least that's the way it came to the bakery I worked at eons ago.

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Make bread with the occident flour. From the label, the occident flour is bromated (potassium bromate). Years ago it was common for flour to contain bromates and iodates, which are dough conditioners, and they gave bread dough more extensibility. That's when "double" was the common standard to allow dough to rise. Now, without bromates in flour, it's best to only allow dough to rise to just UNDER double or you chance over-proofing the dough.

There was an anti-bromate movement and California banned bromates in flour and it has been removed from most commercial flour products. It has been replaced with ascorbic acid.

The malted barley flour in the occident flour will add a bit of a nutty flavor. If it was diastatic barley malt, that contributes enzymes that break down the big molecules of starch into the simple sugars that yeast can use.

As for the 10-grain flour, check out recipes at Bob's Red Mill (scroll down the page - just before the reviews):
Vegan 10-Grain Pancakes
Banana Pecan Coffee Cake
10-Grain Yogurt Quick Bread
Craig's World Famous Natural Granola (or Bars)

Because there are a number of low-gluten and gluten-free grains/seeds/beans in the 10-grain mixture, you need to be mindful of that for making a yeast bread with it. Use it in combination with a high-gluten bread flour for bread so you have enough gluten available (start by substituting 20-25% of the bread flour with 10-grain flour). It will work for quick breads and cookies because of the lower gluten level.


Here is a link that might be useful: 10-Grain Flour - Bob's Red Mill

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Occident is just an old-line flour company that used to sell on the shelf like Gold Medal and other brands. Those who are interested in historical recipes can often find company pamphlets from the 1920's and 30's.

Occident was bought out and is now just a name used by ConAgra.


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Wow - thanks everyone!

So with the 10 Grain flour, I can sub about 20% into a regular bread recipe? Can I use it instead of WW flour when a recipe calls for both WW and White flour?

I can certainly use it in the quick bread recipes they list, but I would lie some other options too....

I appreciate all the information


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