John - are your kids OK?!

triciaeJune 10, 2014

Just learned of the Portland HS shooting. Are your kids okay? Praying for everybody involved.


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Portland tv is reporting the victim is very sadly just 15 yr old young man, Emilio Hoffman. One teacher with minor wound.

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Thanks for asking. The shooting was at a different high school, I haven't actually heard of that school so it must not be too close by. I don't think we've had a school shooting here, not in anyone's memory anyway.

And elsewhere in the country, we had the right wing crazies killing police in Las Vegas, the shooter in Seattle Pacific University, and it just goes on.

I have been shooting since I was a small boy, have owned guns since I was legally able to, spent thousands of hours on the target range, used to be an NRA member, and still own guns today. I think too many gun owners today are absolute morons and I'd like to see a heck of a lot more gun control. The way the gun nuts are going, with openly carrying guns into public places and getting intertwined with extremist anti-everything groups, I think we'll see a political backlash. Don't know when.

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About my kids, and on a happier note

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread In Conversations

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