Honeywell Pro4000 T-Stat Compatible with Trane XV80?

slowingdog2October 8, 2012


I recently had a new unit installed in the upstairs of my house that included a Trane 3 Ton XR15 and XV80 80K BTU Variable speed furnace. The thermostat that was installed is a Honeywell Pro4000 (Model # TH4110D1007.) I had several issues during the install that caused me to no longer fully trust the HVAC Company. They claim this T-stat will provide the variable speed function but I am not sure.

Can someone tell me if this is a compatible T-stat with this system to get its full capabilities? I have tried to listen to the system operate but can't tell if its operating the way its supposed to or not.


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They really went cheap on the t-stat. This is a good system that deserves better.

As far as the variable speed fan, this thermostat will work because the furnace controls the variable speed fan itself. But this stat will not give you good 2 stage gas control. The XV80 is 2 stage heat furnace that requires a 2 stage thermostat that will control the heat stages depending on the load not on the run time.

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Thanks. Any suggestions on what T-stat would have been more appropriate that I should ask them for?

Any other talking points I can use when asking the HVAC company for a different T-stat that would control the heat stages properly?

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Ask them why they did not use the trane thermostat? A TCONT402 at the minimum. A TCONT602 would be good because it is a programmable thermostat that is 2 stage.(or comparable Honeywell TH522 or TH622)

I would have the thermostat changed even if you have to pay the difference. You will use less gas and get more heating comfort.

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