Where do you get your adjustable bed sheets?

peabody1June 5, 2013

Anyone out there have an adjustable bed? Where do you get your sheets? We have twin xl sheets on it now, but they are a poor fit and the sheets come off the corners. Anyone have luck with sheets staying on the corners?

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I've ordered from this place before:

It has been several years and can't remember the prices but they seem steep. As the sheets wear in the torso area, I stitch on a piece of muslin to get more mileage.

As far as your sheets coming off the corners, are they the deep sheets for thick mattresses? If not, you might try some as there would be more material under the mattress to compensate for the change in the mattress when you "adjust".

Another thought would be to get sets of alligator clips with elastic between them that you fit across the corners. This is the idea - not sure if these are for the corners but you'll understand what I mean.


Good luck.

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I am using the Wamsutta Pinpoint 360 from BedBath&beyond. I was able to buy the sheets individually, so I was able to buy the 2 - twin extra long fitted sheets, and then the regular king top sheet and king pillowcases. BB&B was the ONLY store in Tulsa, OK that carried the twin x-long in individual sheets. In stock. I have never had the corners slip of the mattresses. Ever. The elastic around them is cheap, and not snug, but like I said, they have never slipped off the beds.
They are percale sheets though. I had always slept on sateen sheets so it was a HUGE change for me. For about a month and a half, I was miserable every night. I couldn't sleep on those scratchy, noisy, sandpaper sheets! I was near tears several times. They were the only sheets I had so I HAD to use them. But then one day, they were great. I don't know if it was me or the sheets, but one of us changed and now I love them and will never go back to sateen sheets again. By the way, I wash my sheets at least weekly and NEVER use fabric softener, yuk! They are also the only set of sheets we have for our bed. I hate folding sheets, so I like to just wash and them put them back on the bed. One day I will get a new set (hopefully get to try the sferra brand) and these will become my "emergency" sheets.
On a side note, I bought the mattress protectors at Dillards. They fit the mattresses perfect. The elastic around them is much better than the sheets by Wamsutta. And the best thing about the mattress protectors, they are MADE IN THE USA! The dillards website said they were imported, but the tags on both mattress pads stated they were made in the USA. I did buy them at the store since I was lucky they were in stock!

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