Maytag gas dryer not heating

HarleyfxrJune 23, 2012


My Maytag Neptune gas dryer mod# mdg5500aww is not heating.

The ignitor gets hot, the gas ignites but the flame seems lazy and then shuts down. The lazy flame is in direct contact with a sensor (kind of like a roll-out switch). When I jump-out the switch, the flame stays but again, very lazy.

I replaced the sensor and the problem continued...I then replaced the gas solenoids with known good used solenoids and I have the exact problem.

The vent is clear, only a few feet long and I get great airflow to the exterior vent.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you Steve

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debris in a gas line, fitting, etc. You need to have a qualified person check out the gas lines. I doubt the average person has the know-how and equipment to check gas volume.

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maybe the orifice in the dryer is severely clogged. first thing to ascertain: is the problem in the supply to the dryer, or is the issue a fault inside the dryer? ie, don't just go willy-nilly changing parts unless you find that sort of thing a lot of fun.

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The burner is clear and so is the orafice.
We could get no reading at all on a manometer at the valve.
Thank you for the follow-ups.

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