Rheem Value vs. Classic vs. Prestige

BToothOctober 10, 2012

I received a quote for a new HVAC system from a contractor that I intend to use, but I'm not certain if I want to upgrade the compressor. If it helps, I live in Raleigh, NC. The quote was for:

RGPE furnace

14AJM compressor

RCF coil

I asked the contractor to let me do my research and that I'd get back to him. After doing research, I found that he quoted me one of the high end 80% prestige furnace components, but the low end value compressor. Perhaps he felt there was something with the prestige furnace worth having, but that the prestige/classic compressors didn't offer much over their value brother?

Looking at the Rheem website, the compressor used in all 3 lines appears the same "Copeland scroll compressor", but each provides additional functionality. The classic adds "low & high pressure controls", and the prestige additionally has "active protection" and "comfort control system". I have no clue what any of those features mean, but are they worth upgrading to?

If cost is an issue, would it be worth meeting in the middle and getting the classis line for both the furnace and the compressor?

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OK, you have been quoted a high end communicating 80% eff two stage furnace with a low end AC condenser. Why?

Several questions raised here.

80% eff furnace why?

A communicating furnace with a low end non communicating AC condenser.

I personally would look at a higher eff furnace, two stage var speed with at least Classic series condenser. And if staying with 80% eff furnace, then consider pairing with a HP condenser for a nice DF system.

Just hate 80% eff furnaces.


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Hi TigerDunes, the contractor made it sound like 95eff furnace didn't belong in attic b/c of the condensation created. He didn't elaborate on whether it was against code or just a pain in the wallet to retrofit to accomdate the new needs, but he didn't even pose it as a solution. We actually have 2 systems, and he did say we could do the 95eff in the crawl space. I really wanted the two systems to be the same, so we proceeded down the 80eff route.

At this point my biggest concern is the longevity of the compressor without some of the features the classic/prestige offer, such as high/low pressure switches and the prestige offers hard start assist. They have the same warranty, but I expect the components to last longer than warranted, and if spending some cash up front will buy me more life out of the compressor, I'm OK with that.

I'm also not sure about the Pro8000 stat. Seems like with variable speed furnace I'd want a stat that utilizes that feature to control humidity?

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Your original post did not state this was attic installation. With that being the case, I would stick with the 80% eff furnace for the upstairs system. It will require a true two stage thermostat for best operation that I hope your dealer has included. Also, I would want a whole house air filter media cabinet. I will stick with initial recommendation to upgrade the AC condenser and possibility of HP if electric rate is favorable.

Good Luck

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