Era HE detergent

mara_2008June 15, 2010

A month or so ago, I posted here about Era HE detergent, asking if anyone knew much about it. I remembered Era (regular) detergent from the '80s, when no one I knew had an HE washer -- indeed, AFAIK, HE washers were not even available in the USA back then.

Anyway, I bought some Era HE detergent in great big 150-oz. size, for just $6.99. That price was so good, I bought two of them, LOL. Someone had asked me to post about my experience with it once I had used it for a while.

After having used this detergent for a few weeks, I am very satisfied with it. The minimum dosage gets all my laundry very clean. I am thrilled now that I got it at such a great price, and bought two containers, as I've learned (the hard way) things are not always available the next time you want to buy.

Has anyone else used Era detergent in its new HE formulation?

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I too purchased the He Era at the same. You did. I have had excellent results with it too. It is a good as any American high dollar detergent. It is great for people who do not like a lot of fragrance in there clothes once they are washed. they have little or no smell in them at all. I will continue to purchase it for my clothes and keep my Persil for my whites and light colors, as it still is the best at cleaning them.

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I was wondering how the smell would be, I seem to recall it wasn't objectionable when I used it 20+ years ago but considering that the formula would have changed and the way so many people insist on stench, I was wondering if they caved in on it.

Did you try the regular or the one with bleach alternative? Or both?

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cynic, I don't recall seeing ERA HE with bleach alternative. It is certainly possible that it was there and I overlooked it. IIRC, there was an ERA HE "free and clear" formula available. We don't have sensitive skin, so I don't buy that.

I haven't noticed any scent at all. I am not adverse to scent as long as it's not floral or fruity (IOW, I don't want a flower or "mango" scent). I don't mind a fresh scent like detergents used to have.

If there is any scent (I honestly haven't noticed any), it must be gone when the wash cycle is finished, or I really think I would notice it.

I apologize if this hasn't been much help. Everyone's nose is different. :)

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I dont notice a scent either, just clean clothes or from my FS thats all. Very pleased with it to be honest, and the price sure helps. If it didnt work, I wouldnt use it, even if it was free

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I saw the ERA HE in Costco last week. I think it was just under $10.00 for a very large bottle.

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I bought it at BJ's warehouse store -- 150 oz. for $6.99.

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I too noticed ERA HE and have been tempted to buy it even though I have been only using powder detergents lately.

ERA was my favorite detergent back in the day when I did use liquids in my old top load machine. My hubby played baseball and ERA was the only detergent that got his uniform clean without pre-soaking it. It also worked equally well on his dirty greasy work clothes.

I'm glad to hear that it does not have a strong scent. So maybe next time I see it I'll get some to try.
Thanks for posting this topic Mara.

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