diy work on ge harmony????

bookertJune 3, 2011

My approx. 7-8 yr. old Harmony is still operating, but is getting much louder for sure!

Trans. was replaced almost 2 years ago.

Pump was replaced about 3 years ago.

What could be causing the noise?

It sounds like the pump, but it's just my guess.

No grinding like when the trans. was going out.

I'd like to hang in there with this unit since I really like it. Water levels are fantastic! No heater, but that's the only negative.

Seems the new GE Harmony and it's clones, are Tier 111, and I'm not willing at this point to cave for the lower water usage.

Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.

Ummm..... I'm female, but am more than willing to do some DIY work if I can get some pretty clear directions.

Thank you in advance!

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Why the obsession with water levels? With the proper amount of detergent cleaning power will be the same or better. That's because it's more concentrated than with more water.

I know our FL's clean better than our old top loader and use less water.

When does it make the noise? Could be a bearing, a bad motor - all depends when it makes the noise.

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IMO, not obsessing about water levels. I LIKE the levels I get with my older model is all. I know how the newer HE units work. (I"m on this forum way too much!)

The noise is during the water extraction. Sort of a loud vibration type noise if that makes sense.

My floor doesn't do too well with the FL as I tried that for a few years.

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