Miele washer and another brand GAS dryer?

cgaraiJune 22, 2013


Just made a major bonehead move. In the haste pick appliances in order to move into a new house I have been building I let my wife talk me into Miele w/d. What I totally neglected to think about was the choice of heat source for the dryer. About an hour after they were delivered a little bell went off in my head wondering if I had ordered LP and not NG. When I walked over to look at the machine, there was a 240V plug visible behind the packaging. Ooops. Major cock up. I have made thousands of over researched decisions on this project, so how I overlooked this I'm not sure. This feels like the worst mistake yet, but I'm probably just forgetting the others. Plus we move in next week, so I'm not happy about adding more to my punch list. I'm tempted to find reasons that point to other people, but in the end it is my responsibility. Ouch. This is an off the grid house so electric drying is not an option even if I could get 240 to the dryer.

So I called the dealer who informed me that Miele doesn't even make a gas dryer, let alone LP. To make matters worse I let my DW talk me into the stainless models.

Here is where I need help:

1. My first thought is to return the dryer and find another brand that "matches" (loosely defined). Unfortunately stainless is not common among other brands.

2. Return both, get a white Miele washer and find an alternative dryer

3. Regurgitate the Miele flavored Koolaid I swallowed and move on to another brand in a matched pair.

I think that option 2 is my preferred choice. I'll save $300 on the finish downgrade and have a much larger choice of dryers.

Does anyone have any suggestions for pairing a Miele washer with another brand of GAS dryer? I'm obviously not too anal about coordinated sets and I think my wife would like to have a Miele washer.

Neurons misfiring in Wine Country,


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A lot of people from automaticwasher.org (who collect and/or restore old and new appliances) favor the 29" wide Whirlpool/Maytag/Kenmore etc. dryers with the pull-out lint filter on top. Good, reliable performers.

Another choice would be Speed Queen - these are also fast and reliable. They even have a stainless dryer (besides white ones) but it's crazy expensive. AjMadison sells it for almost $1,700 vs. 700 for a white one.


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Seriously, any dryer will work fine, in my opinion. I got the matching Miele (elec.) dryer because I like things to match. IN the end, I LOVE this dryer because it is a vast improvement over the old one I had. But .... any new gas dryer will do fine if you can live with them not being matchy-matchy. ;o)

I might suggest you pay attention to the location of the hinges on the doors of the washer *and* dryer. You would not want them banging against each other while transferring laundry into dryer. Some brands are capable of having the hinges swapped/mirrored. Miele is not capable of that.

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