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jrmcmichJanuary 26, 2013

I am planning my kitchen remodel and was wondering what opinions of my layout are. I am considering doing either a local cabinet maker or Ikea. If I choose Ikea, my design as shown would have to change some.

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not sure how to post multiple pictures in one post so here is fridge wall

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and last picture. One note I am also thinking I may use a vent hood instead of over range microwave. Would like thoughts on microwave location (thought of inside pantry or under base cabinets)???

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Any thoughts?

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Weekends are tough...most people are busy with other things...hang in there - Monday is coming! Bump it tomorrow late-afternoon if you haven't gotten many responses.

The very first thing that jumped out at me is the seating - what is the width of the aisle behind the peninsula''s right-most seat and the wall behind it? You need a minimum of 32"...36" or more would be far better. If you have less than 32", no one will want to sit there b/c it will be too difficult to get into/out of the seat.

So, why is the peninsula shaped the way it is? I think it's a waste of valuable floor space. But, maybe there's a reason it's that shape...

Where do the various doorways lead?

The measurements are very difficult to read, even when I enlarge the text.

Could you post another floorplan that has legible measurements?

Could you post a floorplan of the entire first floor (or whatever floor the kitchen is on)?

The "Read Me" thread has a "Layout Help" topic that describes what information we need to help you. I've linked the "Read Me" thread below. Scroll down to the "Layout Help" topic.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: New To Kitchens? Posting Pics? Read Me!

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do you really think that seating will occurr at the curved peninsula? I'd think about lining that jogged wall that goes back with cabinets and counter i think. Isn't that a dining table[the large square on the left]...Reduce the size of pantry cab a bit and push it to the left to get more counter to the left of sink.I don't think the bench under the window needs to be that large. It looks like a tight space-could you explain what you currently have and what you are trying to change?

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Sophie Wheeler

Lose the peninsula. It's creating a pinch point and it's beyond awkward. The DW needs to go on the other side of the sink.

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I will update with some updated dimensions. We were hoping to get some seating in the kitchen for kids who don't really like eating breakfast in dining but normally just stand in the kitchen. The green dashed line represents a beam that will go in. Right now it is a wall with a 30" opening.

Thanks for feedback

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bump - sorry, I'm no layout guru but I thought I'd bump you up in the list at least.

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is the issue the breakfast or the dining spot? I didn't like breakfast when I was young[love it now] but I never expected an expensive renovation because of that. What's going on in the dining spot? Adults can have issue with cramped/mal placed/ noisy/ undefined/unattractive dining spots also and recoil and not use them. If you want a better space as a result of spending this time and money,big flaws or issues around the kitchen,that impact the kitchen, can be brought forth and addressed and should be.

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My teenagers immediately "left" the dining room for breakfast once the kitchen island had stools. My DH also seems to eat breakfast at the island now. I eat were ever my laptop is as I usually eat alone

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I have a very similar layout and have been trying to figure out what to do with it for way too long. The one thing that jumps out to me about yours is that the position of the range and the fridge almost directly across from one another is problematic. I can't tell how much space you have in your aisle, but for me the goal has been to arrange my narrow galley so that a kid can grab something from the fridge without bumping into the cook at the range.

I also currently have my dishwasher smack between the sink and the range, and would like to change that, mostly to get more space for prepping and to enable someone to put something in the d/w or god forbid, empty it, even if I'm getting dinner ready. (Fwiw, I've been a bit stumped about this though because moving the range to the other side of the galley creates a different kind of hazard, possibly, as I imagine trying to drain a pot of pasta if someone is walking thru the kitchen.)

Finally, I read some of the other posts questioning the utility of counter seating. I get that, but I also think in a small house it can be invaluable - not just for the face time with kids that other posters mentioned, but also because it enables you to avoid eating every single meal in the dining room, or more realistically devolving to kids eating breakfast standing up or at the living room coffee table. I've had a kitchen table in the small breakfast room off my galley kitchen, and I will probably get rid of it and find some way to include a few perch spots with stools. We use the kitchen table all the time... but the downside is that we literally never use the dining room table. I'd rather use my reasonably nice and comfortable dining area for nightly meals, and have other appropriate spots for quick meals and breakfast. We'll see how that shakes out. Anyway, good luck and hope some of this helps.

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Here is an updated drawing with some more dimensions. I made a couple modifications to the peninsula. Current kitchen storage is not very good. I would like this to have drawers and pullouts. Thanks for info so far. I am open to other ideas but we would like to have some type of seating in kitchen. We do eat dinners in the dining room, which is where the big box (6' x 6' table) is.

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I think a banquette and a small table where you have the peninsula would work much better. But, with the table right there, that's not really needed either. I think the peninsula would be better coming off of where you have the fridge than on that side of the kitchen where it blocks the flow. Put the fridge facing out off of that L part of the wall, with a pantry to the right of it.

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Live wire, Yeah I actually had that as a option at one point but originally I was not planning on shrinking the wall on the dining room side to 40". I think this may be a good option. I will draw one up this way. Also would it make sense to have 2 pantrys? If I had one right of the fridge and also against the wall where the 9" and fridge is on original plan. Or is it a better practice for a single pantry?

Thanks for input :)

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So I am putting a new layout for feedback. I got rid of the angled peninsula and put seating behind the counter. I tried to leave 32" between counter and wall with 15" of counter overhang.

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closer view

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fridge wall with a pull out drawer microwave

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sink wall

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At this point I actually like the curved penisula better. How does your dining table work for you? It appears on the diagram to be too big for the space, JMO.

Can you put the refridgerator on the left side of the sink? So a person does have to go all the way into the kitchen to get something.

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what is the purpose of the wall between dining table and back entry? Cut it back to a third of that length or just half as tall, and echoing Debrak's line of query,look harder at the dining spot. Kids would love a banquette with cushy seating and optional couple of chairs around open side/ends. Then, the curvy peninsula or the tight bar with stools could be less a driving force for such compromising in the tight space to begin with. And a banquette,on it's own merit, could be the right thing for the dining zone.....a lot of creativity can go into such piece.

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The wall between dining table and back entry is what is currently there and part of if can be removed. I need to keep part of it as it has a corner built in hutch that I dont want to lose. As for the dining room table, yes it is large 6' x 6' square. We had this table before we moved to this house.

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I'd let go of the 6 by6 table. That area would do well with a banquette-the kids would likely love the bench across the wall with cushions and chairs can be placed at ends or the outside open side. with a table that works and is appropriately sized the kitchen planning wouldn't have to revolve around getting seating as in the bar or peninsula. check out for pics of"banquette with cushions" or the like.

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