Replace front loader versus laundry center

homeownersueJune 14, 2013

The bearing is dying on my Kenmore HE2 plus front load washer. It is 8 years old, and has the companion Kenmore dryer stacked on top of it. I bought the appliances with my condo last year, so I know nothing about how they were used before me. There is no room in my condo utility room for any side by side arrangement of w/d.
I can buy a new front loader (hopefully, one that will permit me to keep the dryer stacked on top of it siince the dryer is fine). Or, I was thinking that perhaps it would be better to get rid of both pirces and purchase one of those laundry centers, with a smaller top load washer on the bottom and the dryer on top. It is more money in short run (replacing both pieces) but perhaps the laundry center would have a longer life with a top load washer.
Any advice would be welcome. I am told Kenmore is made by Whirlpool and if I buy another front loader, am inclined to buy Kenmore again but would be interested to know others' experiences (tho I know there are message strings here on f/l brands).

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