Mixing puron with freon

pfmpmOctober 17, 2012

For the moment I will skip the reason behind this situation and just cut to the chase. My neighbor stole two pounds of Puron from my AC one night and used it in a Freon system. What will this do to the Freon A/C, if anything?

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OK, you registered today. And you know that your neighbor stole refrigerant from your system-- and how much. Your neighbor must have quite a bit of equipment and some experience to be able to take refrigerant from one system and presumably put it into another. And you happen to know what refrigerant is used by both your system and his.
Good buddy, I do not know if your post expresses the truth. But I do know that I do not believe that any of this happened.

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Maybe he 'cloned' the 2 lbs. to his unit.

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