They sold me a floor model, and didn't tell me!

elke444June 16, 2012

I hope someone can advise me what to do. I just bought a Whirlpool Washer from Lowe's. Model number wtw4850xq1.

$599.00 reg.price. $549.00 (promotion price). And 10% off,for current advertisement special, for ALL washers and dryers. Total with tax: $531.16

I bought it over the phone, after researching Lowe's ads on-line, to see if the one I wanted was, indeed, available.

I asked, and the sales rep ASSURED me, it was brand new, in their warehouse, and the box would be removed before they delivered it, to 'save me from having to get rid of the box'.

When it came, it didn't have an instruction manual with it. The delivery man told me Lowe's could print one out for me.

By this time, the "ALERT" sound came off in my head!

When I called back, to see about getting a manual for it, a person on the floor said "Oh, yeah, that was a floor model." Ka-BOOM!! I was livid!

I have a call into the store manager, and am waiting for a return call, as he checks it all out! I told him I'm aware that they will give me a further discount, BUT, since this washer was ON THE FLOOR, I would rather have a FREE extended warranty.

I've not used it yet (was delivered 2 days ago.) Any suggestions? And, is it ILLEGAL to sell a floor model, and keep that info from the customer?

Many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

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What exactly is the big deal here? It's not used, just dusty. You didn't comment on there being any scratches or dents or any problems other than other people besides you have looked at it before. A display model may have been on the floor for a couple of weeks or months, but you're not buying something obsolete unless the model is being discontinued. And you got a discount on it, probably because it was a floor model. I repeat. What's the big deal?

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There is no big deal. I repeat: THERE IS NO BIG DEAL.

However, I don't consider a 'floor model' 'just dusty'. There are moving/working parts in the LID, that wear (and can be broken) by repeated 'opening and closing'. Also, unattended children like to turn the knobs, etc. These new Low-Energy washers go much, much further, technically, than "turn me on - turn me off'' buttons.

I had a genuine concern. And, NO, there was no special price 'discount' for anything. This was the standard price (ie: list price)+ a sale price, + and a (dated) 10% special on ALL washers and dryers for a limited time.

The store manager called me back today, apologized for the 'error'. He MORE than made up for the 'unusual' sales floor flub that occurred. It turned out, it was NOT a floor model, as another rookie employee had thought it was.

I am now, once again, a totally satisfied customer.

I had hoped no one read my question. I came back to
TRY and delete it, because of the EXCELLENT follow thru from Lowe's. They generously compensated me for 'misinformation' that was erroneously handed down to me.

I'm doing my laundry today ~ and this machine is a DREAM! ;)

Have a nice day.

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Disagree with greendesigns.

No telling what happens to machines on the floor. You were assured it would be in-the-box machine with only the box removed. Floor-machine without manual? I think you had legitimate beef.

Glad it's resolved.

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Thank you, asolo. I never jump the gun on insignificant issues. Actually, I Googled the question, and found other people who had written on GardenWeb: Laundry forum.

I quickly remembered how GREAT the people are on GW.
I didn't know there WAS a "Laundry Forum". (I used to use the birding forum all the time here.) I always received the greatest help from the nicest people!

So, it was the PEOPLE of GWeb (like you) who made me decide I could come here for help.

Thanks for your KIND words, and taking time to leave a message. (I'm glad I found a friendly, understanding voice, which is the norm on this terrific website.)

Yes, all settled, and Lowe's fully understood my concerns, and they appreciated WHY I'd be upset! Once I worked directly with the STORE Manager, I could not have been treated better! (My 4th major appliance purchase from Lowe's in 12 years ~ all is very, very well! ) ;)

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I agree with the OP! I would be very upset if they sold me a floor model! No one knows how much it's been pawed through, pushed, hit, and everything else.

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To play devil's advocate, are you sure that it really was new in the box, and they are not just saying that now because you were so angry?

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Glad you got it all worked out with them. We bought a floor model dishwasher from Lowe's a few years back, but when we came to pick it up, they had sold it to someone else! I complained, because it was a $700 dishwasher we were getting for $299., because it had a tiny scratch on the side that no one would ever see. They gave us a brand new one for the same price. Never had a problem with Lowe's!

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Me too we ordered at Sears this beautiful set Lg tromm,I was at dialysis so my daughter left them in thinking I was getting a new washer & dryer, the top of washer is all scratched it was either brought back fixed up or they gave me floor model also the big drawer underneath had a huge dent in it.unless you were there when it was installed you wouldnt know its there.It eats away at me everytime I wipe it off.I figured she accepted it so its ours.But Thats poor salesmanship of SEARS.who would think theyd bring you used when you paid for new????

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