Changing ductwork from floor vents to attic vents

savocabol1October 31, 2012

I recently purchased a 1200 sq ft ranch on a slab that was built in the early 60s. The ductwork is in the floor and after all the rain recently we found out that the ducts are broken and are taking in water. We can thank the previous home owner for NOT disclosing the house has flooding issues for this. I noticed that the house doesn't really heat right but I just figured since the system is kind of old that came with the territory. It is a gas furnace.

So now we need to fix this issue ASAP. My first impression is to install vents in the attic and seal the vents in the floor, but I am not really sure where to go on this one.

So here are my questions:

1) Is there a better solution than the one I gave? I do not want to rip up the floors.

2) Any idea how much this would cost? I would have about 9 or ten vents installed in the attic and the attic is very accessable.

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This is for heat only?

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The house has central air so the duct work is for both heat and AC.

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would you be changing furnace & a/c
at this point also?

where is the furnace located? in a closet
inside the house?

where is return air?

is the attic insulated & with what type of

have you had any hvac companies take a look?
what do they offer as solutions?

and lastly..where are you located?

always..questions before answers! LOL.

best of luck.

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1) My luck we will probably have to change the furnace but I am hoping not to. However, as far as this goes I will assume I don't have to. The AC is (seemingly) fine.

2) The furnace is located in the middle of the house in a closet along with the water heater

3)I am not that wise with this stuff so I assume you mean cold air return. The return air is located along with the furnace in the middle of the house.

4) The attic is insulated with rolled insulation.

5) No one has come to the house yet, I am having someone come soon (hopefully tomorrow) but I was curious on what the masses would suggest as well. Most likely any solution I plan on getting a few quotes for. I tried to look this stuff up online but I haven't had much luck. Curious on how much this might set me back.

6) I am located in Ohio

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in my area new ducts are about $250 per duct.
this will vary..from company to company & by location.
the $250 price would be for ducting supply box & grill
including price to cut holes in ceilings for supplies.

you may need a new supply plenum so add on for that.
and whatever modification for return.

good thing is that you have batt insulation that
can easily be moved for install, and then replaced
once work is done.

best of luck.

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The trick with the furnace is that you probably don't have room to just flip the ducts around in the closet. So you usually would get a new airhandler that outputs to the top.

I am no expert on this but generally air handlers are made for a specific orientation. So I have one upstairs that directs downward to ducts inbetween 2 levels - it has a return filter on the top. Other air handlers have intake (cold air return) on the bottom. You probably have a return with filter on the side with outputs on the bottom. So replacing the air handler is probably necessary.

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