Bosch Vision 500 vs LG WM 3360

mpatel1080June 14, 2011


I am shopping for a new washer/dryer pair and am torn between the Bosch Vision 500 and LG WM 3360. Both of them are in the 700-800 price range for each unit. Does anyone have any opinions on the units especially on how they clean and their reliability.

I know Bosch is discontinuing the line because they couldnt compete at these price points; but i'm sure they will make good on their commitment to keep making parts for 10 years.

Also, has anyone purchased online from AJ Madison?...they seem to have great prices.

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mpatel - I purchased the Bosch Vision 500 pair in Feb of this year. So far I am very pleased. They clean well. I have no doubt they will last. Lots of cycle choices and I think I've tried most. The Sanitary is quite long, so if you need it, be prepared for it to take 3 hours. The other cycles come in close to an hour.

For the price i don't think you can go wrong. I've had a Bosch DW for more than 7 years w/no issues. I love it too.

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@bigdogmom - Just ordered the Bosch pair...thanks for your input. AJ Madison had a great price on them, lets hope they deliver with no headaches. Any advice on what kind of detergent and how much to use on these to avoid any mold issues?

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